Resetting OC Quests

I’m currently playing Chapter 3 and broke two quests (Klauth and the Uthgardt Fort). Without going back to Chapter 2 to my last saved game, is there anyway to reset the quests?


I’m sorry but I think you should go over that again. BTW, I never broke the quests you stated, just curious, how did you manage to do that?
Just save more often.

I happen to break some quests in the 2nd chapter since there should be a time limit, or even in the Luskan chapter where some npcs turn hostile at a certain point (Colmarr, merchants and patrons at the Inn) but never did that in the 3rd ch.

There might be some possibility - fix it by running proper script via Console, DM mode enabled.
But this requires huge amounts of work - establishing, which variables should be changed, running script to change them, etc. Re-playing is faster.


I solved this within a day or two and I’m off in the Underdark now. I actually forgot I had posted to this forum.

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