Resizing and existing NPC


I’d like to resize a model from the CEP (to be more specific the Orc) but I don’t know how to do it.

Is there any way to do it?

Several options for EE:

  • Paint an orc in the toolset, then resize it using AdjustLocation
  • SetObjectVisualTransform() function does the same thing in a script - see Lexicon for the limitations of both the toolset and script methods
  • Decompile the model, then use a text editor to add the line scale 1.1 to the root node (to make it 10% bigger, for example)
  • Load the model into Blender, GMax or whatever and resize it (major learning curve)

The last two methods overcome the limitations, but if the new model is radically different in size, you may have to tweak appearance.2da as well.

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I’d recommend if you don’t just want visual changes to resize to a new mdl file with clean models ee; Resizing Models Easily with Clean Models EE - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE -

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there may be yet another way to handle this, depending on how ‘quick&dirty’ you want to get, and it will work for both 1.69 and ee [but you may have issues trying to make equipped items display]. the steps below assume you continue to use the CEP.

  1. open appearance.2da and find the orc you want.

  2. copy the model name for this appearance you’ll find in that appearance’s RACE column to a spare notepad or emacs or whatever you use as a text editor.

  3. modify tailmodel.2da : open the .2da, go to the last line, duplicate the last line, change the first entry [the number] to the next increment. give it a new name in the LABEL column, in quotes [like "MyOrc" or whatever]. paste the name of the model you copied from appearance.2da in the previous step into the MODEL column of this same line. leave the ENVMAP column at ****. so your final line should look something like this :
    2390 "Orc - Blacksun - Chieftain A" c_bsorcchfa ****

  4. once you’ve saved your .2da, put it in your override folder.

  5. fire up the toolset, open up an area so you can start playing with creature templates, drill down into the creature menu on the right, right-click on an orc [doesn’t matter which one] and select ‘Edit Copy’.

  6. in the dialog that opens, after changing housekeeping info to what you want [i.e., name, resref, tag, …], on the ‘Basic’ tab, replace the creature appearance with one of the ‘Invisible_*’ appearances, such as ‘[Invis] CreatureL_030: Medium’. the number at the end is the rough percentage of the size the model will be relative to the original. for example ‘_030’ will be 30% as large [in case you want to scale your orc smaller], while ‘_200’ will be twice as large. there are actually a number of sets of these ‘invisible’ models that you can use following the same approach ; they’ll all act differently depending on the size of the original model, so you may have to play around a bit and find the ones that suit your campaign best.

  7. finally, on the ‘Appearance’ tab, select the tail model of the orc you just created in step 3 above.

you should now see the orc model scaled to the size you selected on the ‘basic’ tab. you can play around w/the creature appearance to make the resulting in-game model look bigger or smaller, within roughly 10% increments.

once you’re happy w/your creation, if you’re planning on using this in a module you’ll distribute, you’ll need to add your tailmodel.2da to a custom hak file.

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Thank you very much for your reply, what I was actually trying to do was something more dirty than what you explain above, but, anyway, I will try to do what you’ve explained to me in order to learn something new!!