(Resolved terminally) Help! nwnx2 can't connect to mysql

Edit: The story is I downloaded NWNX Core but missed the plugin NWNX ODBC. I installed ODBC plugin and it is currently working. Thank you for reading.

I weeded my all my hair of my head. In the moment really can’t connect NWNX2 to MySQL.

I used to run my server using NWNX2 and MySQL with no problems in 2014. I think I am correctly but I may be missing something for now. Can you help me to remember properly what things may I miss?

I did create the database “nwnserver”, with user “nwnserver” (all privileges) and pw “nwnserver”.
The database contains correctly pwdata table.
The NWNX.ini is:

; NWNX2 configuration file
; These are the default values for NWNX2. Values specified on the command
; line take precedence.

ServerPort = 5121
ModuleName = “Secret”
WatchdogProcess = yes
UpdateIntervalProcess = 5
WatchdogGamespy = no
UpdateIntervalGamespy = 20
GamespyRetries = 5
OldGamespyProtocol = no
RestartDelay = 6

; Log file
MaxLogSize = 512 ; in KByte
LogLevel = 2 ; 0=nothing, 1=only errors, 2=everything

; Use these two settings for the SQLite internal database
;source = sqlite
;file = sqlite.db

; Use these two settings for ODBC connections
;source = odbc
;dsn = nwn

; Use these five settings for MySQL connections
source = mysql
server = localserver
user = nwnserver
pwd = nwnserver
db = nwnserver

; Set hookscorco to false if you want to disable hooking of
; StoreCampaignObject and RetrieveCampaignObject entirely
hookscorco = true

MaxLogSize = 9512 ; in KByte
LogLevel = 1 ; 1=overall statistics, 2=full script callstack
Actually I have opened the port 3306 in my Windows 10 firewall. Actually it is not working. I’ve spent hours on it and nothing.

Can you help me?

Update: I did try to install nwnx2 and MySQL on Windows 7 on my friend’s computer and I still can’t connect with the database.

Update 2: I did try to open the port 3306 in my firewall and also didn’t work.

some preliminary questions :

  • what o/s is nwnx running on ? [i understand you set up a mysql database on a different machine running windows 7.]
  • have you defined ‘localserver’ ? [on some systems, the machine localhost is a special ‘reserved’ name referring to the machine that the software is running on.]
  • have you looked at your log files ? what do they say ?
  1. Every thing is running in my machine.
  2. I tried but currently it is not needed. Thanks god I am happy it is working now.
  3. Yes. Returned 1024 dots. I deleted the SQLExecute but it was there in my script I just deleted from this forum thread.