Rest Restrictions in OG Content

After Having Installed PRC and CEP among other mods, I’ve noticed the rest once per 16 hours restriction now exists in the 1st party content as well. I don’t play the first party content for a simulation experience. I can just go play actually play DnD for that. How can I change this so it isn’t making the game unplayable for me?

CEP 2.x doesn’t do that.

Not sure about PRC.

Try removing mods one by one until the problem goes away, starting with script mods.

Is it possible there is anything simpler. Like a console command override of some kind?

Edit: Nothing I’ve installed should be doing that. I’d like to avoid that if there’s a work around. Especially since I have no logical starting point.

… but we often witness surprises :slight_smile:

However, rest restrictions are usually given by the module in the “On_Player_Rest” event. This means: launch the toolset with mod in question and check the event. Note: The scripting of an event could appear in any add on (aka “hak” file) or in override.

This is from PRC. Are you playing a PRC version of the Original Campaign by chance? Modules made with PRC in mind, may have a variety of differences based on the intention of the author.