Restoring the Warlock's power

Is there a mod or hack I can use to make Ammon a full companion in MotB instead of just a henchman? I know we have him for a short amount of time, but I’d still rather we had him just as well as the other companions, being able to equip him and level him up.

The MotB Makeover allows that.

Actually, I distinctly remember it not doing so. He remained a henchman back when I used it last.

I remember coding it to allow Ammon Jerro to be a companion and it worked for me. It may not have worked for you if you had something in your override folder that interfered or didn’t install the complete MoTB Makeover as intended. If I have any old save files from when I originally tested it I will take a look, but I don’t know if I still do.

I don’t know about the Override folder, but I copied all the files in the “Put content in Campaign folder” into said folder. Next time I play MotB, I’ll try again and see about this.

I believe there was a mod by someone that altered the same Ammon Jerro conversations that the Makeover does. If you had that, for example, in your override then it would have overridden my changes.

I don’t have any mods that relate to Ammon, though.