Resurrection Gone Wrong bug

Over the weekend I tried to play KooKoo’s module “Resurrection Gone Wrong” and came across a bug. It was easy to fix and I have left the following comment on the project page -

Serious but easily fixed bug. When KooKoo updated this to use CEP 2.6 instead of CEP 2.1 he forgot to update the required tlk file. Consequently you may well get a missing required custom tlk table error. If you do get this error you can easily fix this error. You will need to make a very tiny edit to the module.

Open the module in the toolset ignoring any warnings you get. On the edit menu select Module Properties. This will (eventually) bring up a dialog box with 6 tabs. You need to select the Custom Content one. Just above the [OK] and [Cancel] buttons there is a drop down selection box. Open this and select CEP 2.6x (that is whichever version of 2.6 you have e.g. 2.60). Press OK and resave the module. You are now good to go.

I only discovered it because I was trying it on EE and only have CEP 2.64 installed for EE.

For those that don’t know where to find the toolset and it is not included in their game launcher you can find it -

For 1.69 it is found here - NeverwinterNights\NWN
And for EE it is located here - Beamdog\00829\bin\win32


Did this use a different 2.1 tlk file than cep21_v1.tlk?

No, it uses cep21_v1.tlk. EE refuses to launch the game if you don’t have that specific tlk file installed. The toolset just gives a warning but allows you to continue. Maybe it’s my bad but I only installed the 2.6 tlk for EE. After all why would I want superceded ones when KooKoo upgraded the module to work with CEP 2.6?


Ah, I see. That answers my question.

I just assumed since you had CEP 2.60 or later that you had kept the included older tlk files. If you keep those (along with the older haks that no longer appear in the current “hak order list”), then you could play any 2.1 or later module without having to modify it in the toolset.

Until I get a new larger HD installed I’m trying to limit what I store for EE to a minimum. I’ve got all the files for CEP 1 & 2 on my data drive. Unfortunately EE likes its stuff to be in the documents folder which is as far as win 10 is concerned on my C drive along with windows and other stuff.


That makes sense.

I edited the NWN:EE nwn.ini file to point to my existing NWN folders for pretty much all types of custom content files (haks, overrides, tlks, modules, etc.) to save storage space and keep things simpler for myself.

One of these days I really should go through my files, see what I haven’t used in years, and push that stuff off to some form of external storage.

If when you are going through your files you come across on called something like give me a holler. That is the long lost milkship 3D NwN input/output plug-ins.


Ummm … noob question from an old fool.

I’ve made the appropriate change and put everything into a zip. However, I don’t know how to replace the current version here with the new version. Do I just need to upload it as a new file, which I believe would lose download count, or is there another way to do it and I’m just blind?


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@KooKoo what I’m doing (see example) is to upload the new file (with a comment in the title on the number of downloads prior to that) and delete the old file.

You can upload the new and leave the old intact, in which case there’s no loss of download count, but I find that people keep downloading the wrong file, no matter how clearly labelled.

Good to hear from you again!


Useful, I was a bit lost upon how to update, Now I will use your method.

Well . . . It only took me a year, but this is now corrected with the 2.6 tlk file.

Now I’m working on adding it to the Steam Workshop for NWN EE.