Return of the Exile - Patches

Hi all. New thread for patching information just in case players don’t regularly check the nexus files.
Still no way to upload here at the vault. Patches have to be downloaded and replace existing files (usually a hak).

Patch 1.0.1 is available. Download and replace roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Journal now doesn’t automatically update when we reach the Docks area

  2. Talking to Faeron again after finishing his questline doesn’t cause an infinite XP and influence gain.

Patch 1.1.0 is available. Download and replace 16_Hades folder in your modules folder, and roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Fixed various issues with the last battle. It is now more balanced and the events and stages fire appropriately.

Patch 1.1.1 is available. Download and replace the .hak file in your hak folder. This file is compatible with all previous patches, meaning you only need this .hak file to patch your game. Any other files still need to be downloaded separately.


  1. Fixed a logical progression issue during the questline in the village Dorgnad.

Patch 1.1.2 is available. Download and replace roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Now when exiting the mines when doing the Hobgoblin Attacks quest should group the creatures accordingly, causing the follow up conversation to fire as intended.
  2. If we haven’t done the Rise in Ranks quest, the trial conversation shouldn’t break.

Patch 1.1.3 is available. Download and replace roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Fixed the odds of the PC getting in prison. Now behaving well shouldn’t be as punishable as not.
  2. Fixed an issue where the emperor would mention thing you haven’t yet done, or done differently.

Patch 1.1.4 is available. Download and replace roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Fixed Corelia at Vrist who would go in a conversation loop if you tell her that you’ll think of her proposal.
  2. Fixed an issue with Martiln, and a quest related to him which appears firstly in Hades.

Version 2.0.0 is now available. For people who play the previous version, this one will not break your game but might also not offer you anything as long as you’ve been patching your game. So my recommendation is to keep playing the 1.0.0 and keep patching with new patches I release. In other words, 2.0.0 addresses new players mostly.

Fixes - Additions

  1. Removed Masterwork Armors from the merchant at Galacod-Pal as they were not working as intended.
  2. Fixed various loot and shop issues. A plot item will be correctly removed when the quest is done, some bodies will leave loot above ground and some overpowering items have been removed. Finally, a couple of items which could be bought from merchants and their scripts were not working have been removed.
  3. Arnia now can be met before getting a chance to use the fast travel in Dryntal. This has been achieved by moving the fast travel signpost a bit further inside the city.
  4. The magic candle item is now not cursed and can be stored if needed.
  5. The gift items can now be given to companions or stored away until needed. They can still only be given to the companions by the main PC of course. This reduces inventory clattering.
  6. The Complete Craftsman is now implemented directly into the build. Players who want to use the mod don’t have to use it in their override folder.
  7. Since the magic candle and the gift items are not cursed anymore, the issue with the inventory strip doesn’t exist anymore. Stripped items can now be picked from the chest.
  8. Corrected some typos
  9. All fixes from all previous patches. This means new players downloading this version don’t have to immediately patch their game.

27 April 2019 – Deleted previous patches since a player only needs the latest only in order to patch their game. This still counts only for hak files. If a patch contains other files, they are to be downloaded as well.

Patch 2.0.1 is available. Download and replace roe_patch2.hak in your hak folder.


  1. Fixed an issue with a companion conversation and spawning back at the hangout
  2. Summoning creature items now work as intended
  3. An enemy at Dorwell Caves now should spawn only once.

Patch 2.1.0 and version 3.0.0 are available. People playing earlier versions need to update the hak files. People starting now, download the full new version. Some of the fixes existing in the full version could not be patched due to placed changes in module files.

Fixes on patch 2.1.0

  1. One of the cutscenes in the hangout now checks for correct companion.
  2. Fixed an issue with the first prison guard which had his conversation breaking at certain nodes.
  3. The candle scripts for Jarfed’s quest should now work as intended, and only be useable in the designated area.
  4. The plainwalked in Cor’Duer will now only give XP once.
  5. Fixed an issue which had some companions reseting feats and spells when leaving the party and being added back in.
  6. Removed some debugging messages from scripts.
  7. Fixed numerous typos.

Additional fixes in the full version 3.0.0

  1. Seemingly unique items in Vrist now either are really unique or not drop at all.
  2. The gnarled tree at Hades now begins conversation as well.
  3. Ending the questline for a faction in prison should now destroy all creatures and not leave them hanging in the room.
  4. Weapons and helmets are not not removed when entering the hangout. This has an impact on aesthetics but it makes gameplay more fluent.
  5. Added loot in some previously empty chests in the hunting grounds area.
  6. Several areas now have a second world map exit to avoid backtracking if not necessary.
  7. The last NPC in the sanitarium questline should now properly go away after the boss has been defeated, avoiding a reward glitch.
  8. Froonk henchman in the sanitarium is now not plot. Making the task to protect him meaningful.

Patch 3.0.1 is available. People playing earlier versions need to update the hak files. People starting now, download the full new version and patch immediately. The patch contains all fixes from all previous patches of course.

Fixes on patch 3.0.1

  1. Fixes a serious plot issue including a companion during the later stages of the campaign.

Pending patch 1.0.2 will fix the very final battle. In case you are at the end (which is really near impossible in less than a week of release), save your game and wait for a patch :slight_smile: .


Patch 1.1.0 is now available. Changed naming due to the large size of fixes and the impact it would have not fixing them :slight_smile: .

Patch 1.1.1 is now available. Applicable if you haven’t reached the village of Dorgnad.

Patch 1.1.2 is now available. Applicable if you haven’t done the Hobgoblin Attacks or tried to reach Vrist yet.

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Patch 1.1.3 is now available. Applicable if you haven’t done the trial yet.


Patch 1.1.4 is now available. Applicable if you haven’t reached Vrist yet and it all fixes a dialogue option of Martiln. Details above.

Version 2.0.0 is now available. It addresses mostly new players since many fixes have been done in the campaigns and modules folder and a patch version would be too big. Existing players can (theoretically) still download this version and replace their existing one. I have not tested what happens but in theory it should work. Since many fixes though have been done in the beginning stages of the game it might not offer much. So recommended… keep playing 1.0.0 and patching it when there is a patch available.

Thank you for playing and the patience you show with the issues that come up :slight_smile: .

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Patch 2.0.1 is now available. I also deleted previous patches which were compatible with more recent so that players never get confused about which files they need.

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Holy cow that campaign folder is huge 1.7GB. Just started the campaign. I’ll let you know about any bugs I find.

Hi Greenman, yeah it’s pretty huge :smiley: . Preferably, write me a pm for issues to avoid spoilers for other players. I normally fix bugs immediately. Please exclude typos from any reports as I am already seeing that they are fixed. For 200.000 words it is kinda tricky though so some still remain. Thanks for playing :slight_smile: .


Will do. Ok no typos.

Hi all.

I had some windows problems and I couldn’t run tests on the game this week. Therefore the next patch will have to wait until next week. Sorry for the inconvenience, especially for some people who are in contact with me and are waiting for specific fixes.

For the people who are already playing, don’t be afraid. The game is finish-able, and to my knowledge no game breaking bugs exist :slight_smile: . It might just behave weirdly at some spots.


Patch 2.1.0 and version 3.0.0 now available. Given the nature of some of the fixes, some could not be implemented in a saved game. So people already playing, replace the patch hak but some of the fixes from 3.0.0 won’t take place for you. New players download 3.0.0. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: .


Hi andysks,

I cannot see any patch v3.0.0 and so I think I am on v2.1.0. I downloaded it and started playing to try to give some feedback, and have found a couple of points I want to check with you. (It may just be my misunderstanding.)

  1. I cannot go anywhere from the world map. It opens and I cannot click on anything to initiate any sort of travel. Normal?

  2. I have not learnt any spells for my cleric yet to test this, but I cannot “spontaneous cast” using the companion druid I picked up. Again, normal?

  3. Where can I pick up patch 3.0.0? I went here to look for the patch:

Cheers, Lance.

Hey Lance_Botelle Patch three is the campaign folder and the module folder. You only need those two folders. Also in the back of the village there is a small bridge you need to cross to take you towards the goblins. You can’t go anywhere on the campaign map until you finish them off. You can rest in your foster fathers house to gain your spells. I think that will do it. Have fun.:grinning:

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Hi Lance,

as Greenman said, 3.0.0 is not a patch but a version so you only need Campaigns, modules, movies, tlk and hak folders without patching your game.

The area where you must head first is marked as “East Exit” (Or something like that, I forgot)
Resting is possible in your home and inn. Perhaps I should look into it though, since she should start rested and prepared. It would make sense,


Thanks Guys!

So, as I understand it, I can only “update” my current game version by changing the campaign folder. (As I know from experience that changing the module folder will not do anything for my saved games, whereas the campaign folder will.) I am trying to understand how you manage it … i.e. Is there anything that would “break” my save game if I changed just the campaign folder then? I may be misunderstanding the terminology you are using.

For instance, when I “patch” a game, it changes “version” due to that patch anyway. e.g. If I am running version 2.0, I could run a patch to change it to version 3.0. Yes/no?

RESTING: OK! However, (as I do not know the druid class that well), do druids have access to spontaneous casting? I clicked the spontaneous casting button, but I could not cast any healing spells with her.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

Hi Lance,

whenever I have changes that are placed, as in let’s say a trigger that needs to be replaced, I can’t include such changes in a patch since they are… placed. So whenever I have many such issues fixed, I upload all campaign files and have the version incremented.

Whenever fixes can be done in the actual newest version that can be delivered via a hak file, like convos, typos etc I release a patch that has a version equal to the actual version plus an increment.

Some fixes in newer versions might be placed fixes in module files. So new players are encouraged to download the whole thing if they haven’t started playing yet. The patch is only valid if you are in the game and the version of the patch is equal to your version of the campaign.

For example, the actual patch is 2.1.0 . This is valid for people playing the 2.0.0 version. For you it would do nothing if you have downloaded the 3.0.0. If you started playing at 2.0.0 though, and don’t want to re-download the game then you should patch it to 2.1.0.

Same goes for patch 1.1.0. It only applies to the very first version of the campaign and in this case, it contains a module folder as well because there was a “placed” gamebreaking bug during end game. I had players way too further in the story to ask them to restart, so I uploaded that module as well. However, I think plenty of time has passed and players who started playing 1.0.0 are either finished or have already downloaded that patch. So I could delete it. I want to be safe though. In your case, it doesn’t offer anything since all patched fixes exist in the 3.0.0 as well.

I hope it’s clear :slight_smile: .

Also, I want to think of myself as an adequate builder. However, I am an extremely bad player. I have only played druid during one of my tests and generally I don’t play the game as much as I build. So I am not really certain if druids have spontaneous casting or if this is a bug.

In fact, when I was creating the companions, I had to look for builds in the nwn2db in order to avoid such things. A quick look in the wiki and nwn2db says that druid do get this at first level. However, I am not sure if it needs resting to function.

edit: I forgot to mention that the patch version is compatible with a previous campaign version. For example, if you started playing 1.0.0 and you are 20 hours in, then stopped and skipped 3-4 patches or so, you could download the newest patch and all previous fixes will be implemented. Still, as said before, placed fixes (triggers etc) are not included in this method.

edit 2: For future modules and perhaps as help for others, I once had a talk with Tchos about such things. He had an ingenious way of releasing modules. he had attached empty scripts in the area events, even if the area didn’t require any OnEnter etc. This way, he could write code in these scripts at a later point and release it via a hak. The changes would take place in a saved game. So basically placeholder scripts :smiley: .


Druids spontaneously cast summon creature spells, not healing spells.