Return of the Exile

Continued from the old forums.

Project is still alive although I don’t post news so much :).


Hi all. Long time no update. We just finished a test run with Travus and I have to say things look promising. We found many bugs and I’ve been working to solve them on a daily basis. The bug list contains some important ones like,

  • XP and influence exploits

  • Trigger scripts firing inconsistently

  • Left over test item as loot on the ground (can’t have those on finished product :smiley: )

  • Plenty of typos

  • Only (!) a couple game breaking ones which were caused by me cleaning the campaign folder, and deleting door blueprints which were actually used in the campaign, causing the player to not be able to use a door although the mesh suggested there is a door in place.

  • A couple quests bugged out.

  • Many other small bugs here and there

All in all, the fixes don’t take more than 5 minutes each. The campaign is pretty much playable at the moment from begin to the very end. However, both Travus and me agreed that the last area feels a bit rushed so while I fix bugs, I am going to spend some time to beautify it and/or include some more depth to the existing quests.

I need to thank Travus for this test run. He is absolutely the perfect player/tester. I remember Kamal telling me that I should take his offer when he told me he could test my work but I could never imagine how determined he is. Thanks Travus. Without you I would still bang my head regarding many bugs :).


Does that make this thread…
the Return of the Return of the Exile

/dun dun dunnnnn!

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It could very well be, right? It’s been a while :smile:

Thanks, Andy, for letting me test this. It was fun! I can’t wait for the final version. It will most certainly be a great adventure on epic scale. Great story, great area design, many companions to choose from and some of them with backstories and side quests, outstanding NPC/companion interaction, custom items, great writing, and much more. You’ll definitely enjoy this one :slight_smile: