Return to Maiden's Glade?

When I first went to Highcliff I had the expected detour to Maiden’s Glade & joined with Elanee. But I used the World Exit before meeting up with bear/Kaleil, and missed all Elanee’s subquests. Now I can’t return to Maiden’s Glade - it doesn’t appear on the World Map, so seems like a one-time-only visit. Any way to return to Maiden’s Glade?

I’m still in Highcliff module - just killed the Lizardman King & have exited the cave, ready to return to Highcliff Elder & take the ship to Neverwinter. I’ve summoned the DM but the 1223_glade command just brings up the World Map, and the Glade isn’t shown as an option (as usual). And then when I cancel out I’m moved back to the World Map waypoint of the cave area. If I summon in Highcliff, I get teleported out into the water off Highcliff beach & can’t get back. Any ideas? TIA