Returning player - Wants to run a server, whats a good PW to use?

Hello all.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am a returning player and I have my own server in a Data Centre in Sydney, Australia. I am keen to run my own server and get some friends playing. Can anyone sugest a good Persistent World? Thanks.

Also are there any good guides to get this up n running? I run a UO Emulator so have some experience.

If your intention is just to game with a select group of friends, you can find a few decent modules on the Vault. How well they will work with NWN:EE is always the question. So the biggest question is what type of module are you seeking? Action/Hack-n-Slash, something with a theme and if so what, a module based on D&D sources and then, which ones (3.0/3.5/4.0+ish or a Greyhawk/Forgotten Realms/Unique World)?

If your intention is to game with friends and meet more by publicly hosting your own PW, then several other questions need to be considered.

FaceBook pages and Discord Channels are all but a must these days. A forum that at a minimum has information on the specific systems and changes from vanilla NWN is always a good idea and it helps when folks find bugs (there are always bugs to hammer).

Speaking of bugs. Are you comfortable scripting?

Fast Leveling, slow to moderate leveling, attention to a theme or source books, these are things that “others” will want to know before joining. Keep in mind that you can never please everybody. Pick what you yourself enjoy most and you’ll attract others with similar tastes and play styles.

If your intention is purely to host something for a group of current friends, does it have to be a true Persistent World? Could a series of small modules/campaigns be used instead?

There’s at least a hundred more things to consider … good luck and let us know more about what you seek.

Lastly, why host at all if you can just join an existing world?

Hello Kalbaern

I am ok to script as I have had a little experience with my site (

The idea of a persistent world came from my friends and I being in different time zones and we will only get weekends to join together, so I wanted them to be able to log in whenever and be able to build/play and develop there characters.

The reason for hosting myself is more the fun of setting up and getting the world right, I have always enjoyed it.

So, I am looking for some sprawling world that maybe even has some form of housing? I would open it up for anyone to join but I don’t think I like the facebook idea (Don’t even have it myself), happy to setup the discord channel.

I have all the flavors of Neverwinter but EE seems stable so I will try to get it working on that platform, speaking of that, is there a server guide anywhere?

Thanks so much for the reply, do you have an sugestions for a Gameworld that I can use? or even a really big module?


Love the forum and content :wink:

You’ll need to grab and test a module or three and see if they behave well under NWN:EE. Here’s a few decent ones to try.
Requires you to have CEP 2.61. It might be OK under CEP versions up to 2.4, but I’m not certain. CEP 2.65 will break it.
Nordock is a classic that many host with their own tweaks.
Apparently this one has been updated/fixed by Proleric and will run under EE.
Made by “ffbj” … need I say more?

Good luck. There used to be a good many more, but I can’t seem to find them on the current Vault here.

If none above suits your style … why not just build one from scratch? Folk often think have something pre-made to build off of makes it easier to have a PW that can expand fast. Then later they realize that with all that they have fixed and tweaked they would have probably been ahead to design and build their own. Just a little food for thought. If your intention is to play for a year or two with your friends … maybe a pre-made PW is best. If there’s a chance you’ll look back in 10+ years and wish you’d just done it “right”, then start from scratch.

Great thanks - I have NWN1 and 2 and the EE version, which is best in your (all) opinions? I don’t care about graphics really, more keen to get the available content etc and also enable anyone to play, maybe its easier to Use NWN Diamond?

In Theory, NWN Diamond/1.69 has the “mostest and bestest” variants (custom content and premade modules, etc…) but EE of course would make your PW easier to find by new players. NWN2 seems to be catching a second wind of late too. Really it comes down to exactly what you want and enjoy most. You can’t make a lasting PW if it’s not what you like and want. Host and build for yourself first and foremost.


I’m an amateur builder - Im not educated in it outside of general college intro classes, Im self taught in scripting basically. I cut my teeth on BASIC when a teen but didnt really get into it again until NWN and fooling around with the toolset. But Im actually good enough at this point to do most simple scripts from scratch on a good day. Right now I am building a PW with no haks called Terth and I read about Ilmara and thought it would be a good way to scratch the hosting itch while learning more about hosting.

So, having been around since like just before SoU came out - I know about dedicated server hosts. Does anyone have any advice on getting a server hosted from North America, central time zone (Chicago)?

The bandwidth and platform to run NWN servers is minimal. Most folks with a cable or fiber based internet connection can easily host a module themselves. you can pick up a refurbished PC in most large towns from smaller computer centers in the US for $200-300.00 (including a used monitor). If hosting NWN, heck … any old Windows XP system would suffice. If using NWNX2 as part of your build, a Windows 7,8 or 10 PC is best.You don’t even need a separate NWN installation as and can just download the server program itself to host.

If you decide on NWN EE, I’d recommend Windows 10.

Some have even hosted using a spare laptop they’ve had. An actual tower is preferred however. Laptops tend to build up heat faster and dissipate it less efficiently and over a long run can suffer internal damage.

Depending on your actual proximity to Chi-town, you might want to go check out these guys and see what bargains they are offering.

If you would rather just farm out the hosting, there’s a few folks on these forums that can help. Most used to charge $20.00-60.00 per month. I can’t seem to find anyone on these forums still doing it, perhaps one will chime in.