Revisiting OC, Casavir bug

G’day. Been a long time since I played. Using my DVD Platinum install on a modern computer, little jumpy translating some of the old school graphics language occasionally but plays fine.

I’ve hit a scripting bug in the first meeting with Casavir after the Orc lair. After defeating some more Orcs with the help of Casavir’s men en-route back to Old Owl Well instead of the cutscene which introduces Casavir and allows the OC to continue there is just a blank screen for a few moments and then you’re stuck at the site with Casavir’s men and female lieutenant, no Casavir, and you can’t do a world map transition since you have to meet Casavir to trigger it. It’s a dead end campaign breaker bug.

Now I remember years ago hearing about this very bug I think at these forums, probably ten years ago now, so I’m not having a lot of luck finding the solution that was described way back then. I’m guessing I have to load from a previous save but I don’t know how far back is required and I’ve tried reloading recent saves with no luck, same bug happens. No Casavir. I found a script to prompt the Casavir meeting in debug mode but it didn’t work entering it before transitioning from the Orc lair.

I remember there was a solution posted a long time ago but can’t remember what it was.

The PC is a Aasimar LG Paladin 4, Cleric 5 if that makes any difference. Paladin clash?

The rule of thumb for any bug in this game is to reload from an earlier save. Failing that, you may have to restart your PC or worse, the whole campaign. Though some people may give you other solutions.

Can you zip a previous save and upload it? Before the bug happens – before exiting the Bonegnashers i guess?

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