Revival of DMFI Design Team (DM and multiplayer scripting)

As part of the revival of the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI), the first goal for the new Design Team will be an official update to the existing 1.09 Wands and Widgets package. The main idea will be to implement any minor fixes previously identified as needed in the published version, optimize code to the extent possible, review the install process to make sure it is as easy as possible to do in both existing and new mods, and (if possible) add a few of the top functions/features that may be in high demand by the multiplayer community.

In the longer term there will be scope for creativity with new functions and perhaps some redesign. That would include taking full advantage of any new NWN:EE functions going forward.

Moving forward will, however, depend on reconstituting the DMFI Design Team. Different past versions of the script package have typically been produced by just one or two (competent and well-organized) scripters, although there’s always room for multiple contributors, whether as active developers or code submitters.

Ideally I’d like to see a new team (and/or one interested and motivated person designated as Lead) take a look at upgrading and releasing to the community a version 1.10 of the DMFI W&W package, as detailed above. After that, I envision the project evolving further in tandem with NWN:EE; as part of that, I think it would be great to see Design Team members interacting with Beamdog on DM/multiplayer-related scripting issues.

Anyone interested in joining the Design Team or contributing to its work is welcome to post here and/or PM me for further discussion about the role. The DMFI has always had a laid-back and collegial structure, so I would say there’s no pressure involved, just the opportunity to contribute based on your interests. Additional info about the DMFI can be found at its home on NWN Campaigns:

I have to spend time tweaking DMFI to work with D20 Modern so am interested, though because of that particular involvement my time is limited. Then again, some of the things I have adapted might be of use.

Thanks for mentioning that. What I would like to do is have the Design Team (or myself until a Team Lead is identified) collect as many updates/improvements/fixes to the published version 1.09 script package as possible, then fold them into the next official release.

One aim of maintaining and updating the Wands and Widgets package for community builder use is to keep it easily extensible for custom uses. The D20 Modern project is a case in point, with one past DMF-certified mod (“Hero of Canton” by Forrestwolf, set in the Firefly universe) using a lot of the contemporary D20 Modern content. A medium term objective of the DMFI will be to see more DM-friendly mods (new ones or conversions) published, and it’d be great to see some NWN:EE based D20 Modern ones out there.