Revival of the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI)

Greetings Vault Dwellers. Although I’ve continued to run a weekly(ish) NWN campaign for the last decade, I’d largely stepped away from the community after increased demands on my time and handing over the reins at the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI). Unfortunately the infrastructure behind it at Bioware (and of course the previous NWVault) all disappeared relatively soon after and the content, function and old team got scattered.

Seeing the recent success of NWN:Enhanced Edition and Beamdog’s support for the platform, along with Neverwinter Vault’s continued role as a thriving central community resource, it seemed like a good time (why not?) to revive the DMFI as a Neverwinter Nights community organization dedicated to promoting DM/multiplayer gaming.

For NWN:EE and NWN, the priorities will be to ensure that NWN:EE and its DMing tools and functions are supported into the future via an official update of the DMFI 1.09 Wands and Widgets package, the DMFI’s DM training resources (like the DMFI 101 mod), and by encouraging design and publication of DM/multiplayer-friendly mods.

NWN2’s products, the DMFI Tools Package and the DM 101 for NWN2 mod also still exist, and can/will be updated based on community and contributor interest.

The DMFI has always been a volunteer-based organization and welcomes contributions in all areas, from scripting/building to DM training to module review, whether people want to take on particular projects themselves or simply add their perspectives to discussions on DM-led gaming.

The new DMFI forums are headquartered at the NWN Campaigns site (thanks to site admin Venture). On the DMFI boards, more details are posted and project information will be regularly updated, although I expect new developments and resources will be flagged on the Vault as well.

Hope to see interested people there and I also welcome contacts here on Neverwinter Vault. It looks like I’ll have significantly more time to devote to the NWN community for a while, and look forward to contributing whatever I can.


A project update note has been posted on the DMFI forum:

Summary version:
Thanks to Vault admin for the major update to the DM-Friendly module list and individual mod pages
– Plans to move ahead on new projects such as: DMFI base mod for NWN:EE; updating the DMF1 101 mod for NWN:EE; revising and updating DM training articles/resources
– Interest in identifying additional existing mods that could be considered DM-friendly; promoting resources for builders of new DM-friendly mods
Waiting for a suitable Design Team lead volunteer to take charge of the official DMFI Wands and Widgets package

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The DMFI has now moved to the Neverwinter Connections forums, due to technical challenges with the old ones. Link to new forum:

In terms of projects, DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition and the Multiplayer Starter Mod for NWN:EE have now been published on the Vault, along with updated articles on Creating and Running a Neverwinter Nights Campaign and DMing in a Persistent World Environment.

Volunteers and contributors are, as always, most welcome.