Riding horses in NWN2


Although RWS provided a hak to ride horses in NWN2, he didn’t have time to complete the attack, cast and death animations, and also his system unfortunately didn’t allow to wear a cloak on horse.
So I decided to have a look on my own, and I got it working: wearing cloaks while riding is possible, and I also added a mounting/dismounting animation.
Regarding the attacks: 1hS and 1hSS are done, I’m not sure I’ll include the D2h, C2h, O2hS and O2hT animations though.
Anyway, here are a few screenshots:


One last thing to note, but it’s rather important: as cloak and mount use the same skeleton, the number of wearable cloaks is limited (basically, I had to create a mesh for each cloak model, multiplied by the number of species [white, brown, palomino and pinto]). And since the cloaks are tintable, and I couldn’t find a way by script to get the tint of the standard cloak and set it onto the cloak+horse model, the number of blueprints increased accordingly.
All in all, not really a nice way of doing things, but it works.


Good work 4760 :slight_smile:


that’s really nice!


Excellent! When will you post this so we can try it out? Caesar needs his steed! =)


This is really great!


Thanks for the comments! :grinning:
Since I added the cloak, I need to update the animations, and add some more blueprints to at least cover all the stock items. It will probably take a few weeks, but this is my top priority project.


Really nice work 4760. I love what you have done. Now we just have to wait. Keep up the good work. I only rode horses in two modules and both were in NWN1.


Good stuff, as always :).


And since riding bareback is not the habit, I added a saddle, the stirrups and the reins too:NWN2_SS_042318_040411


I’ve already put in some stables for the Gallic Wars in anticipation. Question: Does it include some combat animations from the rider?


Absolutely. One-handed only right now, but with bow and crossbow as well. Spears will probably be the only two-handed weapons I’ll consider (let’s just say that you’re likely to lose your balance with other two-handed weapons).


What about the lance also?




Very nice, 4760!


Now all we need is the horse poop ejection vfx and we’ll be all set.


All the scripting is now done, along with a basic conversation to buy a horse (which sets all the necessary variables).
Back to the animations now!


That’s great 4760 keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to my characters riding into the sunset, and riding in general.



Would look good for a western with rjshae’s Hats



Yeah, but then we’d need a wearable poncho and cowboy boots.


. . . and a slim cigar a la Clint Eastwood.