Riding horses in NWN2


They used to call those cigarillos.



They more often wore slickers than ponchos. Think of the Dalton- James gang or Tombstone like the Earp Brothers.


Yea . . . I didn’t know how that would translate for some of our french speaking friends.


Hey, you wear your slickers; I’ll take the poncho.


In the context, slicker would more likely be a “cache-poussière” than the usual “ciré”.


And cigarillo, just … cigarillo.:grin:


I think Leather Armor 0 already does a really passable job of being a Wild West era duster / buttoned-up coat. (There are also a couple of bodice & trousers hak options for saloon girls.)


cigarillo == singular
those cigarillos == plural describing that class of smoking material.



I don’t have the hat, and the cigarillo is missing, but here it goes:

As shown, you will need a specific feat before being able to ride! I noticed mounted combat, mounted archery and some bonuses (lance, sword, riding) are already in feats.2da, so a prestige class could be created I suppose.


What do I know . . . my second language is Thai.


cigarillo == singular
those cigarillos == plural describing that class of smoking material.


Right, however you usually smoke one at a time :sunglasses:

BTW, in French you can use singular to describe a class : Ce type de cigare est un cigarillo.
Ils fument un genre de cigare appelé cigarillo.
But : ils fument des cigarillos.


Hold my dwarven ale and watch this!



smoke-smoke-smoking on hospital’s door :musical_note:


That dude is really looking to get cancer the fast way.


Two prestige classes will be provided with the hakpak. One was already in the dialog.tlk file (“Preux chevalier” in French, “Knight in shining armor” in English?), so it was just a matter of (re)activating the skills and feats in the 2da’s.
But I found that it was not fair that only lawful characters had a PrC, so I made another one.

So far I was able to use entries in dialog.tlk for the content I uploaded, but for this (riding + prestige class) I’m afraid I’ll have to modify it. As I only have the stock tlk files, there will be conflicts with KevL’s artisan pack, Kaedrin’s PrC, etc…


I’d say ‘White knight’ for “Preux Chevalier”.


Shouldn’t that be for “chevalier blanc”?



Preux chevalier means brave/good knight, who’s bleeding heart for the oppressed. A knight behaving like Perceval or Galahad…
Chevalier blanc is almost the same concept.

However both are also used for faithful knights, for instance King Arthur and his “preux chevaliers”. In that case they aren’t necessarily good.

You may also use ‘valiant knight’ or ‘gallant knight’.


The “Knight in shining armor”, “Chevau-léger” and “Purple Dragon of Cormyr” are fully defined in the classes, skills and feats 2da’s.
Now, feats and skills need to be scripted… I’ll probably go back to finishing the animations, at least for the human male character, so the boldest of you will beta test the riding horses addition while I’ll be polishing the PrC’s.


Still working on this, but as you know, things progress quickly at first and then they tend to slow down (or rather, the things done after the first part are not so obvious).