Riding horses in NWN2


Still excited about someone working on this.


I’d say all the animations are done, at least for arms and legs. I now need to deal with the cloak itself, but that should be quicker.


Quick question . . . can NPCs ride too? Meaning, will we be able to build blueprints from the project?


Yes they can! At least, the ones using the playable races skeletons.




No dragons riding horses? I am disappointed!


But dragoons should be able to though :wink:


Just as well, I believe the direct translation of “horses” in draconic is “hors d’oeuvres.”





Oh My!


There’s quite a few horse models on the CadNav site, which may be useful for extracting saddles, barding, and riding gear:



All animations are now ready in 3ds max. I started exporting them for use with NWN2, here are a few examples:

  • With a halberd


  • Or a great axe


  • and of course a lance


The problem is O2hT is supposed to be used for 2-handed Thrusting weapons, whereas O2hS is for 2-handed Slicing weapons, but it appears the lance is considered as a slicing polearm… Weird.

And everybody probably noticed already that all these weapons are wielded one-handedly. Some more work to do here…


i think this can be changed in BaseItems.2da

“WeaponWield” springs to mind but there might be others like “WeaponType” that affect it also …




Looking at the animations, another reason springs to mind: what if I swapped two-handed weapons and dual wield animations?


idk. Copy baseitems.2da to /Override, change WeaponWield for a particular weapon, and see what weirdness ensues …


Yep, my bad. I mixed D2h and C2h in the gr2 names. Screenshots coming soon!


As promised, the screenshots for 2-handed weapons and polearms:



Due to the size of the weapons in NWN2, half of the time the horse will be beheaded if I keep the existing gr2 files :frowning_face:.
Let’s see how I can make them look better.


OMG I killed old Paint. You may look at some of the weapons in Jay Are’s A-1 thru A-3 Slavers series I believe he had some weapons that were for Mounts.:thinking:


Does this ride on horseback have been brought to a good state? And will the mod be made and posted on the site for free use? It’s very interesting and cool !!!


Poor Old Paint.

I have to be honest, I’d love to see this but for us the main combat animation we’d need it for would be arrows and stuff, with anything else largley confined to basic stuff like the worg riders having being JUST. DANDY. AND. FINE. :slight_smile:

I definitely would vote not to make the perfect into the enemy of the good on this one.