Riding horses in NWN2


Agreed, and besides the curved saber is usually the light cavalryman’s melee weapon of choice due to the draw cut.


Weapons for horseback were usually longer slightly thinner versions of the normal handheld weapons. The horseman’s pick, Horseman’s Mace, Horseman’s flail and the long sword, broadsword and the bastard sword. The great ax and the great sword were used against Knights and there mounts. Pole arms and the two mentioned earlier would more than likely cause the Knight to fall off their Horse because of the weight of the weapons. The main weapon of the Knights while mounted was the Lance. Also the Horseman’s pick was some times called a War hammer.


Not yet, but yes, it will be released. I can’t tell you when though.


I hear you, and confirm I won’t spend too much time on two-handed weapons animations.


Yep, and hopefully it will have its own set of animations (probably O2hT, since the baseitems.2da file uses a specific weapon wield type for spears).


Good. I will follow the development of this mod.


I’d say that two-handed weapons, whether for slashing or thrusting attacks, are now acceptable.




The problem with the lance being wielded like an axe is also fixed (“wielding type” in baseitems.2da needs to be 12 [spears] and not 4).

I still need to create the animation for the charge (like knights in a joust) and then I’ll start testing in game (only for human males at this point).


The animation is done, but so far I didn’t succeed in using it. It works though, so I probably need to rescript the charge action. Anyway, here are some more screenshots:




Pretty cool stuff, 4760. This will be a nice addition.


I also created an animated model of the lance (well, the lance itself is obviously not animated, but the flag attached to it is):


Ah I thought there was a picture on the flag thumbing his nose at us. Darn. These are really good 4760.:heart_eyes:


Well, now there are pictures on the flags :wink:




Unfortunately, these are not tintable (there’s a bug with animated weapons: in game, they are always totally red, although they appear as expected in the toolset). Visual effects could do the trick, but you’ll need one for each set of color you want.

The version without flag still works correctly though:


Great work 4760!:heart_eyes:


Thanks Greenman6220 and rjshae!

I’m currently exporting the last animations (from 3ds max to gr2), but of course each time I find something that needs to be corrected!
But I think an alpha version (hhm only though) could be shared for testing before the end of the month.


4760 will you be releasing this as a HAK? It looks awesome!


Yes, that’s the idea. I’m about 80% done as far as animations are concerned, and 100% complete regarding blueprints and models.

For the 20% of animations not ready, it’s just a matter of exporting them, and before have a last look in 3ds max at a low animation speed to check if everything’s good, so I expect this part to be complete some time during the week.

But then, the hak won’t really be useable (I coded a few scripts, designed a few triggers to set all the skills and feats for testing purposes, but obviously a library of ride functions still has to be written).


Will you be kindly providing the supporting scripts etc?

I’m so excited it looks amazing what you have done. I was about to implement the RWS mounted horses but I will wait patiently.

Keep up the good work!


Yep. It will be basic at first (anyway, the first package will only be working for human skeleton based characters), but it should be enough to use it.


As soon as you release it I’ll give it a test since the Romans are all humans . . . kind of.


So big a crash today that 3ds max had to be removed, the registry cleaned and all scripts and plug-ins taken out.
After a reinstall from scratch, I finally got it working again. But I lost two days…
The good news is it’s all back to normal now.