Riding horses in NWN2


What’s with all the system crashes lately? Must be the summer heat. :sun_with_face::fire:


This looks amazing so far, 4760!


Sorry to hear about the crash, hopefully you will get back on track soon. I still love your work and good luck.:heart_eyes:


Would you believe I just backed up everything the day before?


No internet connection for the past two weeks, but in the meantime I was able to finalize the jousting scripts:


Oh wow!! This is awesome!


And of course, sometimes the riders fall:


I finally decided for a context menu, rather than use a saddle or a horse property paper:

The menus are in French, but I’ll prepare an English tlk version too.


Looks awesome!!!


Keep up the good work!


No screenshots yet, but I finished the HHF (human female) models, and have started the GGM ones.


Hello, I think you are doing great work! Are you planning on doing animations for elves as well?


Yep. Actually they’re already done, as they use the same skeleton as the humans.


I still need to work on the charge/jousting scripts. To make a long story short: either I use the “run” animation (and assume that the enemy will always be coming from the front left, so the lance is oriented correctly) or - which is the way I chose - I have a “run” animation for standard running, and animations for “charge with enemy in front of”, “charge with enemy coming from the front left” and “charge with enemy coming from the front right”.
But since these are custom animations, to create the illusion of movement I first made an animation with the horse and rider moving (but from the engine point of view, they are still located where the charge started: the skeleton root stays at the same location). The problem with this is that it is only valid for cutscenes: in real combat situations, the enemy will not move towards the horse and rider model, but towards the skeleton root… Not mentioning the fact the traps will not be triggered since the rider wouldn’t actually move.
The other option is to have four running animations, but so far the only way to get it working is to have as many appearances. Not a good option (not only does it require to add about 80 lines in appearances.2da - 4 per each race in total -, but it also requires to duplicate all the mdb just to change the skeleton name!)

So I’m now considering a mix with the charge animation staying at the same location as the skeleton root + a “sliding” (meaning: not running, not walking).


I hope you can figure it out the way you describe it. What you have is still a lot better then anything I’ve seen in any module to date. Just a thought have you looked at the animations from Wyvern Crown. Maybe that could give you some ideas. Good luck 4760.


FWIW I doubt I’d use this for a jousting style encounter. If I put it in a module it would be as option for standard outdoor combat encounters.


I haven’t decided yet if I will have various running animations. It looks like it’s a lot of work for something not really noticeable…
In the meantime, I’m writing the “how to use” document that will go with the release (only for human characters at the moment, but that covers most of the playable races [except halfling, half-orcs, gnomes and dwarves, every other race is based on p_hh?_skel]).


I hoped I’d be able to upload the files to add riding to NWN2 today, but on my last test run I found two annoying oversights:

  • if you buy several horses, only the last one can be mounted,
  • if you’re a halfling, your mount will be resized to match your size, and revert to its standard size when dismounted.

Not sure I’ll be able to fix these tomorrow, but everything should be ready next week-end anyway.


As promised, the size issue is now fixed, and if the character owns several horses, it’s now the closest one that will be the default mount.

The context menu also got its specific icons, and the custom talk table is now fully compatible with existing custom tlk files (I mean, I used a range that was free, so all that needs to be done is to merge the text in the master custom tlk ).
Ride feat/skill

Right-click on the character:
Sub-menu for riding (équitation in French), showing the options to mount, dismount, order the party to mount or dismount, give a horse to a henchman and use a special attack (charge):

Something I forgot however: I wrote a French custom tlk, but an English version is also necessary. So that’s what’s left: translation… And of course some cleaning of the library and the demo module.

On the other hand, female characters can also ride horses now.

Obviously, robes and dresses are not the most adequate outfit!

but still, female characters can ride too!

Dwarves, gnomes and half-orcs still not available at this time.


It looks awesome! Nice work.

So… does the enlarge person spell work? :slightly_smiling_face: