Riding horses in NWN2


The Knights of the Round Table (as per the old Deities and Demigods) await their horses.:grin:


Well, I think I found why the cloak was offset. I still need to verify I’m right, but I’m confident they won’t have to wait too long.


I gave my class the assignment for developing characters in their games and thought it would be an interesting product to have the Knights of Renown and the Knights of Quality made.


You know it might have been easier just to get two coconut halves and bang them together . . .






Well, I did find why there were issues with the cloak animations. It wasn’t what I first thought, but I’m now positive I know what’s causing the glitches. The bad news is that it’s not just an offset to correct in the original position, but all animations will have to be fixed.
However, combat animations are quick enough to prevent the issue from being noticeable, so I’ll just correct the idle, walk and run animations.


All I can say is what I’ve seen so far is amazing.


Updated Knights of the Round Table (with Morgan le Fay) and the entrance to Camelot (based on the Castle Tintagel. All ready for their steeds. :grinning:


Sorry, tell them they’ll have to wait slightly longer than expected. I’ll try to have something released by the end of the year.


No worries. We’ll assume the church has outlawed jousting again for the time being.:grinning:


Yes, do not worry, we are patient …
And, by the way, it would be a wonderful gift, for example, by the New Year, when peopls have a bit free time(In the New Year holidays) for examine this material… (2 in 1)
Good luck!


There’s still clipping in game, whereas it’s fine in 3ds max… In case it was due to some scaling issues, I even remade the rigging of the cloak. I also added a few frames in the animations, but although it’s better, there are still some cases were the cloak disappears inside the shoulders of the rider, or in the horse tail.

I guess I’ll release the pack as it is, as a beta version, and fix the animations if and when required. I’ll export all the P_HHM animations tomorrow, and update the P_HHF ones with the corrections made to P_HHM right after.

P_OO?, P_DD? and P_GG? will be done immediately after, but probably in a different package, depending on how quickly I can finalize the P_HH? part.

The parcel is not there yet, but Merry Christmas!


I look forward to testing it in-game!


What version of 3ds max are you using?


3ds max 8 + expotron.
I’ll check if the combination Blender + your fbx-gr2 tool gives better results when I have more time (I’m more used to 3ds max than Blender).