Riding horses in NWN2

Can you release a beta as-is for us to play with? :slight_smile:

Sure. Gimme a few days to clean the files, remove the now useless stuff, etc…


Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’m afraid it will not be possible this week-end (busy at work, most likely tomorrow as well. And on Monday the week will start as usual…) However next week-end should be free for NWN2.


Corrected a few more animations. I’ll post a fully working package for the P_HHM in a few days (I prefer doing it this way, rather than uploading all I have at the moment, because I’ll know that the P_HHM animations are good, and I’ll then use them for the other characters).


Still working on it… The cloak animations either show clipping or are out of sync. I’m trying to fix these issues as much as possible, but due to the bones limit (54 per skeleton, and horse and cloak are in the same skeleton) there are some animations where I have to choose which problem is less annoying. Most of the time I select the out of sync one (depending on the camera view, it can become unnoticeable, whereas clipping always show).
I hope it’d be good enough in game. I probably won’t have anything ready before another week or so, but as soon as I find some spare time I fire up 3ds max and NWN2.


Why use cloak skeletons at all? Tail skeletons seem like the natural choice, you can add new ones under tailmodel.2da

I suppose it’d be an issue of editing the tails on the fly for PCs with nwscript.

Because player characters can’t have tails, unless using an external tool.

Alpha version !
The core files work as expected, based on the tests I made, but there are still bugs:

  • cloak animations are still a work in progress
  • all playable races exist, but so far only p_hhm based ones have been tested (I left everything in, but some animations will look weird, or even not work - you’ve been warned! :blush:)
  • prestige classes are not working (they’re not in this version anyway)
  • custom tlk tables exist. To use the French text, rename EquitationFR.tlk to Equitation.tlk. For the English text, rename EquitationEN.tlk to Equitation.tlk. Better to keep a copy if you wan’t to be able to switch from FR to EN and vice-versa :wink:
  • This means appareances.2da will mess up with the toolset, since it only uses the stock talk table. For the final release, I may merge the custom tlk into the original dialog.tlk, but this may cause incompatibilities with other mods (Kaedrin’s, Artisan, etc…)
  • speaking of incompatibilities, I modified contextmenu.xml, this may cause some problems with existing mods.
  • there are some models for which the textures are slightly off.

For testers:

  • put everything in your override, except *.tlk which should go into <My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2>\tlk and *.mod into <My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2>\modules directories.
  • I recommend you have a look at the included basic module, so you get an idea about how it works.

I hope I didn’t clean the folders too much. I didn’t test the package you’ll grab here, don’t hesitate to revert if anything looks strange!


I tried to download the files but all I got was an error code stating file did not exist.

Sorry for that, it seems there was something wrong either in the link or in the authorizations. But it should be ok now.

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Yep it’s working. Will give it a go this week.

Sorry, but for me not worked… I had installed all, and sucesfully join to this module, but can’t even summon horses(Or sit on horses which standed in module), i had speaking with all npc on location in your module, and had used all cloaks, annd ring, but same result, how summon, and use, or sit on horses in your module? Also in module problems with textures for me…Sorry… by the way Maybe need rename folder? A cheval(Or it’s normal? And must works? Because firts time in my life i saw name of folders, without slash _ , and first time saw, whats first word in override folder begin form big letters…
Maybe need make guide, or FAQ(For new), how correct use all in your module?(For example: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Or, perhaps there are conflicts with your files, due to other installed files, I have installed a lot of other files from other authors … Maybe need to install your content on a clean game?
In files:
1.: https://i.imgur.com/cbwQSyt.jpg
2.: https://i.imgur.com/Wh6conQ.jpg
3.: https://i.imgur.com/QWIswDk.jpg
4.: https://i.imgur.com/0VInJtV.jpg
In game, in your module:
5.: https://i.imgur.com/FG0tC6f.jpg
6.: https://i.imgur.com/FSL06qC.jpg
7.: https://i.imgur.com/FbGWluT.jpg
For me not works(Can’t ride on any of horses in your module, or can’t sit on any of horses, or can`t summon horses), but maybe i do something wrong…(Or maybe, just because your files conflict with other files, from other authors, i not sure, but want understand, in which reason, why problems, and i want to knows, i want to understend…)

Thanks in advance!

Sorry my bad english.
And, anyway thanks for your job…

Thanks for the report, and the screenshots!

Sorry about that. I’ll empty my override, and remake the demo module with stock placeables and items only.

From the screenshots, I see that you bought a horse, and learnt how to ride. However, it looks like you purchased a horse too small for your character, and then tried to mount a horse you didn’t buy. Try with the pinto, you should be able to mount then.

There are two Word documents (sorry, work in progress, I didn’t convert them to pdf yet) which should answer your questions. But since I’m gonna rebuild the demo module, I’ll have the first NPC explain everything!

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Please, do a talking horse to explain things!

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Working on it!


The curse of knowing too much about ancient tv programs results in this -



No progress, I finally purchased a new laptop. But it’s a Win10 OS with an SSD drive, so I’m struggling to get 3ds max 8 running. Actually it works (but without any Service Pack :slightly_frowning_face:), but the license system fails regularly due to the SSD hard drive. I’m trying a registry setting that’s supposed to fix this, but it wasn’t for 64 bits nor Win10.
If that doesn’t work, I’ll switch to Blender and fbx to gr2 tool (thanks again for this, FreshLook)


It’s looking good so far.

I’ve kept an old PC around that still runs Win7 in case I need to do something on a system that works properly. It slower, but at least the tools work properly.

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Had some time to play around with the Alpha some more. King Arthur and some of his knights mounted.