Just reinstalled my nvn 1 copy and updated it. So we have riding now?
Is there any option to summon a horse if you are not a Paladin?
If not are there any modules that give like perk or item that summons horse for you?

Yar. :slight_smile:

:thinking: I’ve just tested it via setting up a commandline script to spawn one of the horse prefabs, and it seems to work. Tested in OC1 prelude.

Teach-A-Man-To-Fish steps are as follows:

  • Open a module, or start a new module.
  • Place the horse prefabs, check the properties of the placed horses to see what their blueprint ResRef is.
  • Start a new script, call it “sum_horse1” or something.
    The script needs to spawn a creature using the resref of the horse blueprint we just looked up, so:
void main()
    object oHorse = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "x3_horse001", GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF), FALSE);
    SendMessageToPC(OBJECT_SELF, "Spawning "+GetName(oHorse)+".");
  • Save the script.
  • Open your Modules folder, go to the subfolder Temp0. Copy the .ncs version of the script we just made (in my case, “sum_horse1.ncs”) to your Override folder.

From then on, in other modules, run sum_horse1.ncs via the debug console:

## DebugMode 1
## dm_runscript sum_horse1
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Player tutorial here:


Basic & advanced scripting info here:



Scirpt works thx!
It would be cool to put that script into item like spell or feat so u dont have to use debug mode. I will search for method in time.

Thank u for the answers.

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