"Ring of Resistance"

All “Ring of Resistance” items seem to have one common item property; Orange Light, Normal (15m).

This actually bothers me.

Is there any way, preferably Override, to remove it?

Are you building or playing a game?

If you’re building, simply edit the blueprint to your preference in the toolset.

If you’re playing, then no, you can’t alter an existing item unless (a) the author provided you with a mechanism for doing it, or (b) you hack the game/mod by creating a script to do it. You can use the toolset to create one that will do this, save the associated .ncs file, put a copy in your override folder, and dm_runscript it from the console in game. Editing item properties via nwscript isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if I had to, that’s how I would do it.

you can do this pretty easily by deleting the light property from itempropdef.2da (just set name of light to ****), however that will have global effect which you might not desire…

note this solution is retroactive and will therefore work on already acquired items, theoretically loading game with this 2da edited to remove light in override, then saving and then quit and load the game without override could achieve removal of the light from currently owned items only but untested

It’s for playing, after all, I’m doing the 3 official Campaigns (and then the premium modules) which makes editing…Let’s just say, impossible even if not so.

I like this idea of making your own script, but I don’t know it myself. Do you by any chance have a guide, or can make one?
For future references at least, or in case Shadooow’s suggestion doesn’t work.

Indeed, that “global removal” is an unwanted effect.
Your theory is worst a test, let me give it a try.

Somehow, this method doesn’t seem to work at all. I do see changes, but only if I change everything to **** in it, and even then it’s only to remove description, name and the like. Other than that, the effect works just fine.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong? File is “ItemPropDef.2da”, I got it from the “2dasource” zipfile, I put it on my “override” folder.

hmmm maybe i was wrong, i though that itemproperty that doesnt exist is deleted from items

Optional solution would be to edit itemprops.2da instead and set all values of 1 on the line 44 to 0, save and put into override. That could work but still untested, might still just keep the itemproperty on item just as you experienced with previous edit…

btw, if you use community patch you should have a folder 1.71 builder’s resources or 1.72 builder’s resources with up-to-data 2das. the 2dasource.zip doesn’t even contain 2das from 1.69 but 1.68 - by reusing 2das from that archive you can remove yourself some extra fixes/options from 1.69/NWN-EE/community patch. But ultimately it will work - it is not a serious error.

Here’s an idea:

Save your game and save your character.
Load the character in Pretty Good Character Creator.
Use the forge to remove the unwanted property (or make it white light instead or orange).
Save the character and then exit PGCC.
Go into Multiplayer and load your saved game with the character you saved in PGCC instead of the one in the saved game.
Save the game again.
Load that saved game in single-player, and the change will be there.