Rogue Dao Lip Flappers - installation question

Hello all,

I’m having trouble getting the Lip Flapper system working in my module. I’m probably just missing a step, but not sure what…

To recap: I placed the downloaded folder containing the WAV and FXE files into my “override” folder. I then went into a conversation file node & updated the “Sound” to one of the WAV files as a test (“human_hhf_04_seconds.wav”)

When I test it in the module however, the NPC’s lips don’t move. I know others have gotten this system working fine, so I suspect I’m missing something simple here. Thanks in advance!

I use this all the time without any problems. It should be just to put it in the override like you’ve done.

When you choose one of the wav files under Sound it should say like “human_hhf_02_seconds” and not “human_hhf_02_seconds.wav”. Maybe that’s the problem? I mean, you have the arrow to the right where you can scroll and find all the sound files you have available…(you first click in the white rectangle space and then the arrow to the right should appear, and then you can search for sounds).

EDIT: I use version 1.0, but if that matters, I don’t know…


It was the “.wav” suffix, I removed it & now seems to work. Thank you, @andgalf !


Some custom content heads won’t move their lips whatever you do, as they don’t have any facial bones in their mesh.


Yep, totally correct.