Rogue files

So I’m trying to play the module (campaign) Fate of a City.
But my saved games start out with a lot of Mast of the Betrayer ros and roster files, and a lot of MOTB entries in the globals.xml.

Whether it’s a quick save or hard save.
I tried deleting the quick save, and the C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\NWN2 folder, And rebooting the computer before starting the campaign a new, but they persist.
Where are they coming from?
Are the Global Int’s and the roster files likely to cause trouble with the module.
I tried removing the lines, but it puts them back next save.


perhaps the companion-initialization scripts for MotB were copied into Fate of a City. Why? idk, but i doubt its a problem (other than extra overhead)

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Thanks Kev, I came to a similar conclusion after I started a different campaign and didn’t get the MOTB files, but restarting this one again did. If AmstradHero knowingly left it like that, then it shouldn’t cause a problem.
I have played this module before, but I probably just never looked in the save folder.
EDIT: Yes it seems he used the k_mod_load script from MotB

What added to the confusion was that I had just finished playing MotB before starting this, and it made me think it was adding stuff from a previous temp quicksave or a cache file somewhere.

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