Roleplaying Event on new Dragonlance PW Server this Sunday!

First, thank you for the surge of interest in our PW lately, from our prior announcement on this forum and more importantly for the feedback we have received so far from y’all.

A big hello to all NWVault community members and fans of Dragonlance. This Sunday at 12:00pm (EST) we will be holding our first “beta” event on our newly enhanced persistent server, Dragonlance Chronicles EE (DLC:EE PW). This provides an opportunity for a “sneak peak” at the improvements we have been developing. We are nearing the end of the process of enhancing many of the custom scripts and aesthetics thanks to Beamdog’s own code enhancements for NWN.

The improved server is built upon the original Dragonlance server that has been in operation as a PW for over 12 years! We sincerely hope any and all can attend. For fans of DL it is a must, but all are welcome as many players have signed up and have been playing on the “legacy” server (still in operation) simply to know more about the lore and environment.

This upcoming preview is our first RP event on the new server, which has a launch date of July 1st.

Head over to our web page

for more details on this event. You should subscribe to the (Enjin) website. It is not mandatory for the Sunday event but will be once we have completed all the enhancements this summer.

Here is our Discord link

which is filled with contributions from the community and offers real-time feedback from the admins and has upcoming events, schedule, narrative fiction, news, chit-chat etc… and I can answer and questions via private mail on Discord. Hope to see y’all!

Being a player (not staff or former staff) on the server I recommend attending. The game is small but friendly. Staff is proactive in creating a lot of fun for the players. With the emphasis being on player actions matter. The story line being shaped by player’s actions.

Not only are staff friendly my fellow players and new friends are as well. Was quickly welcomed into the RP, shown a few things on the server. With no level caps in grouping I could team up with someone more than one or two levels higher than me and move from RP into exploration and back into RP telling others of the events.

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I recently got back into NWN, after having stopped years ago when all the PW’s I played on shut down, one by one. I stumbled across this server after having seen a stream of someone playing there. I knew nothing of the Dragonlance setting, but was accepted openly and made to feel welcome anyways. The warm welcome and mystery surrounding the setting got me very interested, and I am now reading my way through the first trilogy of books!

I have met some amazing people in the few short weeks I have been a part of the community, and have been very excited to see the community continue to grow and meet even more great players. The discord is a wonderful resource for all things Dragonlance, and I felt at home there almost immediately.

If any of this sounds even remotely interesting, I would love to meet you, and would encourage you to at least poke your head into the discord, linked above in the main post, and see what we’re all about!

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Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

We are dedicated to a welcoming and open hearted community and it really makes me happy to hear we are achieveing that.

This PW as with any others is going to have fancy bells and whistles. Systems made to achieve a good gameplay experience. But the true beating heart of this PW is the players, their dedication to each other and their enjoyment of each others role play and friendship.