Rolovault links are not working

I don’t seem to be able to access the Rolovault links today. Is it just me or has something changed?

Thanks for any help.


It’s been playing up (I could access the site but not access the lowest level folders) for a while (just didn’t get around to reporting it) but now you can’t even access the site at all. I hope @niv gets around to seeing this thread and can sort it out.


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ftp links are dead. Replace it with https

See here - Access FTP links


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Thanks. I am aware, you can try the link I posted in that thread to see that it no longer works.

Should be fixed. It was unmounted a week ago due to some ingress issues, and then remounted but at the wrong/old place.


Many thanks

Not completely for me. I can get to here -

and no further. Clicking on any of the lower folders just goes into an endless wait. FWIW it’s the same for NwN 2 as well. Tested on both Opera and Firefox. With ms Edge it does eventually open those folders but it takes forever.


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Works for me, but takes a while. This is probably because the actual data now lives on a network share, and is mounted from there. Please bring a bit of patience (should only be seconds per navigation), and if that fails, we can look into providing other means of access.

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Just to confirm the individual pages load fine for me, at least. Thanks for keeping the archive online - I do like to check reviews etc there from time to time.

Seems like the links have stopped working again.

Any chance of fixing this?

Many thanks for any help.

Yes, I’m getting 403 Forbidden errors every time.

Rolovault remains a useful resource, as there’s so much additional info out there.

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@niv, any news on this issue?

Many thanks.

I get this -


You don’t have permission to access this resource.


Same for me

Sorry about that. It should work now - I forced index generation on: Index of /rolovault/projects

It won’t be super-fast but browseable, if you bring some patience. If you’d like access to pull a full copy off the network share, let me know.

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Many thanks for sorting this out - seems to be working again.