Roman and Greek

Has anyone imported or developed some Roman armor for NWN2? I know Claudius33 had some for his Sarmates but I’m looking for Legionaire armor and the like.

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Pack Romano-Sarmate had some stuff, as you noted. Shirtless Saga Armor Pack, Volume 2 included some roman slave rags. Finally, there’s the Legion Devil pack. We could always do with more though.

I saw those. the sarmates has a good toga and “off-duty” legionnaire outfit however I am looking for a good armor set and helmet for standard legionnaires. I started to build a Roman fort but then realized that it would look a little weird having people in other armor sets walking around as Titus and Claudius. It’s also why I was looking for a mounted script for NWN2 . . . rank has its privileges and you can’t have Julius Caesar walking with the common trooper. =) .

I was about to advise the Pack Romano-Sarmates which contains Hippias’ creations made for my mod. Rjshae was faster.

Summertime roman armor is a specifc creation, wintertime armor can be set just using stock NWN2. If you make all legionaires wearing one, you should have the effect you are looking for.

We have mounts, iirc someone is working on submitting mount scripting. Mounts are implemented on some pws, but there is no vault release of scripting I’m aware of yet.

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I’m a history teacher Claudius33 . . . I like things as close to realistic as possible. =)

Iirc Claudius made sure to keep things historically based for his works, so you two should hit it right off.

Thank you . . . I forgot about the Beldin armors . . . and I never saw the BTH shields.

Yea I mentioned to him once I enjoyed his modules and only “twinged” a couple of times. =)

Well I’m just an history amateur but tried to keep it relatively accurate even if I sometimes sligthly modified History for the sake of the story.

IMO, Hippia’s summertime armor (or the wintertime version made with stock nwn2) looks to me acceptable to simulate a lorica hamata available at Julius Caesar’s times. The sandals from Shirtless Saga II could be considered ok too. The main issue is the helmet. The stock nwn2 used in Sarmates! is rather ok for end 2nd century AD but looks too ‘modern’ at Julius’ times.

Well, many players would probably not even notice it and if they do they are aware of NWN2 limitations, will forgive you and enjoy your mod.

Another option : you provide the community with a picture of the right equipment, maybe one of the talented 3D modellers will take the challenge.

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Don’t kid yourself Claudius . . . you do a great job with your games keeping the “historical feel” . . . not amateurish at all. I took the Greek Breastplates in the BTH, added a cloak and used a stock helmet for on-duty troops. I’ve attached my “not historically correct” troop, examples of historically correct troops and a picture of my East Gate (leading into the barracks).


Ah, this reminds me good old Rome: Total War.
Feeling nostalgic :slight_smile:


The fort looks nice. The Roman legionaire is well done too.

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Wow . . . your comment just made me realized that if I am going to include some major battles with the Romans I’m going to have to do some serious scripting for keeping the troops in formation AND fighting the enemy (IE moving forward and engaging as a unit as opposed to a wild melee). Ugh.

The game engine performance in mass combat may not be to your liking. Just saying…

i’d think its fine if they’re stripped down to minimal Ai - 50+

but the formations … whooshe

if (!CheckRout())
    if (distanceToEnemy < 1.f) attack
    else if (distanceToFriend > 1.f) TightenRanks()
    else MoveAsFormation(oTarget);

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Maybe this could be useful (I didn’t check it by myself).

Here you go, there’s a demo module as well.

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I took a look around for a Roman-style armor 3D models suitable for porting, but most of what I found came with a price tag. There are some free models on the 3d Warehouse, but those would need texturing and, in many cases, the poly count reduced significantly. (There are a few with a four-figure poly count though.) The 3D Warehouse models can be exported in a different format, but I find they usually need a lot of cleaning up for use in NWN2.