Rotated group shows up with a messy tile (only if it's rotated)! How come? [SOLVED]

Hi everybody! Just stumbeled upun something I never witnessed before: I have this one 5x1 bridge group. When placed in its default position (working here in 1.69) all is well = all tiles show up OK, but as soon as it is rotated (90,180,270), one (and only one!) tile (dls01_g17_04) gets messy with wrongly applied textures it seems:

Addon: Seems to be, that the UVWs get messy:

→ When getting back to the default rotation (0/360), all is well again. Does anybody know, what is happening here?

You have rotate texture activated for a texture that shouldn’t be rotated.

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…reading through my description and seeing your answer shows me, that the cause of my issue is pretty obvious! And: Bingo! That was it! Thanks!
While checking the tile I found, that I missed the “rotate texture” on the ground and activated it on that one bridge-part. So I guess I misclicked.