Roundabout bug

I’ll try to keep this brief. I’m going through SotU, and I’m currently in the Interlude. When I started playing, I quickly found a ‘mod’/creature file that allowed me to have Mischa as a henchman.

It’s been working smoothly, but now I’ve encountered an issue not specific to it.

When I transfer from Chapter 1 to the Interlude, the first henchman in the party leaves the party/disappears before you yourself are transferred to the Interlude and find that henchman in your party. From there, the problem starts.

Naturally, Mischa wouldn’t be found in the Interlude normally, so I had to go back and make her the first henchman in the party list and carry her over. Katraina acts as if Xanos and Dorna existed in the camp, but when the ambush occurs, only Dorna and Deekin are present, with Xanos completely not existing even after the ambush.

I used the “dm_spawncreature” command to spawn him in, then used the Lilith mod to create a functional henchman out of him, then I’d have him level up and spawn his items back for him.

The problem is that when I leveled him up with Lilith, he wouldn’t get the same exact feats, and likely didn’t get the same spells and skill points distribution, but those I can live with since his spells aren’t that useful the way he casts them and the henchmen’s skills barely matter. But the feats are a bit of a problem.

Later on, I found out I could’ve just had him level up automatically rather than do it with Lilith, but he still didn’t get the same feats.

I checked his progress through earlier saves, and found out that he gets his second feat - Dodge - at Lvl6, when he takes his 4th level in Sorcerer, having 2 levels in Barbarian already. The first feat is Toughness, and I don’t know when he gets it, but not like it matters, it’s the one that I managed to have him get.

With the lack of a console command to give feats, I can’t seem to find a way to fix this problem. To make it worse, before I got to that point, I’d tried using Lilith to carry over henchmen to the Interlude, but for some reason, the henchmen objects I’d saved refuse to appear in the object list and to be summoned when I retrieve campaign objects.

The system’s refusal to cooperate is killing my drive to keep playing, and I’d appreciate help in figuring this out.

Tl;dr: I’m in SotU and got something that let me make Mischa a viable henchman, but I’m having trouble carrying her over to the Interlude along with Xanos and Dorna.

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