Rubies skinmeshed badger broken in EE

Original file can be downloaded from here, Custom Content Challenge 2012 Jun - Animals | The Neverwinter Vault

In EE it shows only legs. Any simple way to fix that? I never dealt with skinmesh before so not sure where to even start.

I have loaded a link with the fixed model shadooow. Let me know if it works for you.

Perfect. Thank you very much.

Your welcome.

Don’t forget that I can post this fixed version on the ccc page if I have permission.


Go ahead and post it TR. The Model will work in EE or NWN 1.

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Can’t reach the fixed model file. Gives a 404.

@Jedijax If you can wait a little while, I’ll put it on the relevant ccc page. Also, and not a lot of people know this apparently, a small (4mb or under) 7zip archive (amongst a limited number of file types) can be hosted in a post. So for these small files a cloud hosting service isn’t required. Just like for picture files you just drag and drop it into the post you are creating.


And it is now on the ccc page.



Of course I can wait, Tarot. If anything, sorry I made you hurry.

for posting it TR and I see it’s already gotten as many downloads than my creature catalog for NWN EE.

Post a link in this thread. You should get more downloads.


I have moved my Bioware Creature Override to NWN EE. It has been made into a hak format instructions are on the entry.

(Creature Catalog Project | The Neverwinter Vault)