Running NWN2 with Client Extension and Toolset on Linux

As per topic title, I was wondering if anyone had any success in running the NWN2 toolset or the game via the Client Extension on Linux.

Running it via Lutris works fine for the vanilla game (it actually runs really well!), but I’d really like to achieve the two mentioned objectives as well.

If anyone has any ideas please share them, I’ll also update this thread with any info I manage to find on the subject.


I made some minimal progress on the Toolset, at the very least now I can get to the launcher screen itself, it crashes when it’s “creating default windows”, I got this far by installing the Dot net. 4.0 and 4.8 and all the available Visual C++ libraries via Winetricks.

I remember having a similar problem with early installations on Windows 10, does anyone remember how to fix the similar problem on Windows?