Rural Tileset (Bioware) issue [RESOLVED]! - THANKS EVERYONE!

Hi everyone,

Seeking help with how to fix the door on the rural tileset temple. I wish you could just change the doors like you do all other doors, but I guess this is a tileset door(it’s greyed out). I must have downloaded something to screw it up as now I have a hobbit door there instead. See pics below. Does anyone know the tileset piece name (mdl, or whatever) I need to find and remove this override from my haks to set it back to the prior double doors below?


Others probably know better, but my understanding is as follows:

The door model names are found in doortypes.2da (and genericdoors.2da).

You may have a sequence error in doortypes.2da, rather than a bad model.

Test for that by overriding doortypes.2da with the version from the base game.

Note that existing tiles in an area may continue to look wrong, because they refer to the door by model name. However, placing a new tile should work, because the tile .set file refers to doors by line number in doortypes.2da.

If you have Any tileset haks that have a doortypes.2da you should have to build a New one merging them with the base 2da and put it in a top hak.

Hi Proleric. I tried what you suggested - I put the original doortypes.2da in the ovveride…nope the hobbit door still appears. I think there is a mdl in my hak somewhere that is overriding that bioware mdl and I have no clue how to find it take it out or what mdl to put in there to override it. Do you have that name so I can search for it?

Hi Baireswplf - I already had done that but thanks…still I have the issue.

I just tried my original 2das (genericdoors & doortypes) in this new module (where the doors actually work as they should), but I get the same hobbit door…so it has to be non-2da…it is a mdl or what you said Proleric a .set file…which I do not know for that bioware rural tileset. Can some one tell me what that mdl or .set is for this please.

Try looking at NwN1 Standard Assets. Everything 1.69 is in there AFAIK. That means that most of EE is also.


Hi Tarot,

Thanks for that link. I went there and I downloaded the Standard maps: tiles and door

I then went to the “rural tilset” pages 62-66. Closest thing I could find to that door is the ttr01_door01.
But to me it still does not look the double doors…but I will look for that part in my haks and pull it out and see if that works. It doresn’t say what that is…tga, dds, or .set? know what the ending is?

EDIT: I thought it might be the ttr01.set file in my haks…took that out…looked in my toolset to see if the door changed…nope…still that hobbit door

So in my hak I have the following ttr files…which one is the double doors to that temple?


Assuming that these are the rural tileset stuff

So I took out the ttr_udoor_08 to _11

Still have the hobbit door

Perhaps I’m missing something, whch tileset hak are you using? You don’t need to take away Any tiles.

The problema is in the top doortypes.2da we are not talking about

Hi Bairewolf

These are my own haks. I have at the top all my 2das in hak 1 at the top.

I have the doortype 2da in my top hak. I checked all the numbers are sequential, I then used the original bioware 2da…still had the issue.

Now I am looking for any ttr_ file extensions in my haks to rid myself of stuff I could have overwritten…particularly .dwk files as I believe those are tileset doors. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe that the ttr are the rural tileset correct?

So now I took out all the ttr files. Still have that dam door.

So I will have to go through my doortypes 2da with a fine tooth comb …sigh…what else could be causing this?

If you had SET or 2DA in your haks or override that caused to automatically place these doors when placing any doors inside that tile, it won’t be fixed automatically with reverting those files to vanilla.

You need to delete the door and place it anew, then, assuming you fixed the problem in SET or 2DA you get the right door.

hi Shadow,

I have nothing in my override folder. I have deleted the ttr01.set file I had in my haks and all ttr file extensions…still have this issue. I guess my question is…was the ttr series part of the vanilla rural set naming convention? I thought if I deleted anything in my haks that had these ttr01 in them I would then have it revert to the vanilla rural…

I can’t place a door in there. The door settings are greyed out. I wish it was a simple as that. I need to still go through my doortypes 2da with a fine tooth comb…again

Do you think it may be an issue in my genericdoors 2da too?

Hi Shadow. I deleted the door…how do I place one back in…it doesn’t allow me

Does anyone have the .dwk double doors for the temple for this tileset (Rural)?..please


I noticed the blueprint resref for the temple door is nwn_door_ttr_15 (although currently it is the hobbit door) I believe somehow that mdl is screwed up and I need those double doors with the same resref

I checked the barndoors blueprint resref for that same tileset and it is: nw_door_ttr_04 so I know tis is part of the ttr sets for the rural

I’m all out of ideas short of posting my door 2da here for others to look at


*.SET files will tell toolset ID of doors from genericdoors.2da to place when trying to place door into specific tile position. If ttr01.set is unchanged it meens your genericdoors.2da are outdated as hell then.

Thank Shadoow for your replies…

Do you happen to have a copy of the .set file for the bioware (vanilla) rural tileset? If maybe I throw that in…it will fix this. I have tried my old genericdoors and doortype 2das in my override folder and still this issue appears in my newer module based off my older module I updated where in my older module those doors still work.

Can someone do me a favour and take a look at (possibly fix my doortype and genericdoors 2das). I tried to upload them here but it won’t allow it. I tried to RAR it…but nope…

I could help you with the 2da’s if can send them to me. (I’ve been merging stuff for a while) Are you using CEP? or just vanilla Neverwinter Nights?