Ryzom assets

The Ryzom assets, which are licensed under CC-BY-SA, have been ported to Blender format here:
They look to be fairly low poly with an African motif. For example, here’s a sign:

Lava lamp:


A decade ago I played that game for over a year and loved it. I still own the original DVD and have even played it on Steam again when it was published there

The transfer of the assets to the “Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike” license happened already back in 2010 and it’s GREAT that they are ported for use in Blender now because Ryzom has a unique style that I find very inspiring.

For those who want to get a feeling of the content available without blender can take a look at the textures here: https://atys.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Category:Ryzom_assets