Sailing Ships & and Bio Rural/Bio City - How to Make them Play Nice?

Greetings brother and sisters of NWN,

I have a query, and I’m at my wit’s end on trying to figure this out. Has anyone found a way to successfully make Oseryn’s Sailing Ships Hak compatible with Zwerkules Facelift hak (Rural and City Exterior versions? I’ve tried splicing and merging every way possible but I end up breaking it everytime, or I leave large empty blocks/chunks in the tileset where the ships should be. This is in reference to the various tileset ship groups in Sailing Ships (not the other stuff, which works fine). I’m either overlooking the obvious or have grown dafter with age. I love having the animated sailing ships but can’t seem to get them to play nicely with the Face Lifts.

Since no one else replied yet, here’s what little I know.

The key objective is to make a .set file and palette which contains all the tiles you need - see tutorial (skip to part 3).

I’d start from the Zwerkules set, adding the ship tiles.

The merged files need to go in your top hak.

You may then find that the ship tiles have slightly different textures from the facelift set. In that case, edit the bitmap directives in the ship tile models to use the same textures.

Thanks, Proleric. I was on the right track, I think, but I must have missed a step or two. I was not aware of that tutorial. My splicing and editing was of the .Set file, but I fear I hacked at it with a butcher’s knife rather than a scalpel. I’ll give it another whirl and hope my patience stays true. Thank you.