Sam's Server / Menzo

does anyone know where or of tjere is a copy of the sam’s server menzo mod? specifically looking for Zamster’s remake of Menzo just before the server quit a billlion years ago

Umm. Wouldn’t your mom have it? :grin:


uhm :frowning: she passed away 11/03/2010

Sorry for your loss. I checked the mined data from IGN NWvault where I know she was a member of, but everything regarding Menzo PW were announcements about player events and the like. There was no module uploaded for others to download. A few haks and portrait packs if that interests you?


yes yes, i’ll take the haks. I know that Lior, Zam and Gnomester had copies at one point, so did I (I lost my home where I grew up back in 2016 to a fire)

and thank you :slight_smile:

menzo.7z (330.3 KB)
I have 3 .mod files of Mensoberrywhatever - don’t know if it is what you meant or not.


I am super stoked I found these

I most likely have the haks as well, tell me which mod of those 3 you are interested in?

all 3 are conected - chap 1, 2 and 3… do need the haks if you have them please, one was labeled drow…another menzo… ty ever so much

Talk about a throw back. Not sure if you remember me, but i remember You, your mother and family well! It’s been quite some time! I don’t have Sam Server Module, but i know a few folks who might have it, Dae-Glyth and Zam whom i still talk too

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I remember your login totally :slight_smile: Yes, those 2 for sure would have had a reason… (especially since Zam did the amzing remake of Menzo, y’all rock. ty

Haks in dropbox: Dropbox - menzo haks - Simplify your life

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giggles getting close!!! we’re close fpolks…Since all our chatter has been on Discord, (NWN-Sam’s Server) please visit there for announcements. We will need guinea-gnomes… we any guinea will do) for 1- testing the main mod \\ 2) preping for the Event mod (Campaign Mod)