Savant1974's Updated Series

I’m might be stealing Savant’s Thunder here but to let everyone know that over yesterday and today he has updated the entire Aielund Saga 1-4. I hope he could forgive me for this. For those of us that are fans of this series you should check it out.:heart_eyes:


I hope he could forgive me for this.

How dare you promote and compliment someones work.



I’ve done this for pj156 also, and some others.:laughing:

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It’s encouraging to see module developers come back and further improve their old works. We need more of that, I’m thinking. Thanks.


He updated it by Zwerkules tile sets. He also changed somethings and used the real skies also. This is just an amazing piece of art and story telling RPG module.:star_struck:

Savant’s work in updating and improving the Aielund Saga is very impressive. And since it was already pretty much the best NWN module series out there, that’s no mean feat. It’s been a long time since my last playthrough, and I’m looking forward to doing it again when I have time. :slight_smile:

I particularly like the skybox work he did. I’ve already incorporated some of it into Sanctum EE, and it looks great.

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Andarian your Sanctum module also one of the best all around modules already. Savant made Aielund playable with EE and the older game which is very good. Good luck with Sanctum EE.

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