Saving Spell Slots

Hey wondering if there is a way using the default database (not NWX) to save the characters remaining spell slots when they exit so that when they enter it can set the uses properly.

I am looking to avoid the “feature” where if you disconnect and reconnect you regain all your spells.


Not a MP expert, but perhaps you can check how many spells a PC has with GetHasSpell() in OnClientLeave, write them to db (as ints or as a delimited string), then use this info to DecrementRemainingSpellUses() in OnClientEnter? Or just take them all out to force the player to regain them in some way in-game.

There is/was ini setting for that. The scripted solution never worked correctly anyway. But ini settings moved to setting.tml so you have to look for it there.

In settings.tml under [server] set restore-spell-uses-on-login to true

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