Scourge of the Slave Lords A1 NWN2 mod problem

Hi! I’m playing the bealzebub’s adaptation of Scourge of the Slave Lords and, in the first chapter, A1, when I reach the safehouse, the speak trigger doesn’t work. So Feodor doesn’t give me the instructions, the journal doesn’t change and I can’t go on with the quest. If I speak with him, he asks me “How goes the hunt?” as if I’ve received instructions. I activate the DebugMode and try to step in the trigger, but it just doesn’t work.
It’s strange, because I played this mod long ago and all worked well…

Make sure you are in the safehouse when you run this. You might have to right click on your main PC so he/she is selected. It should start the convo so you can progress the quest:

Open the console.
Type - debugmode 1
Type - rs ga_start_convo(“hs_feodor1”, “h_safehouse_onenter”, 0, 0, 1, 0)
Type - debugmode 0
Close the console.


Thank you very much, Travus!