Scraping NWN Creatures for NWN2

Here is a preliminary draft document on how to convert NWN creatures to NWN2 using Blender and nwn2mdk (instead of GMax):

I’m still testing the procedure, so it may need to be tweaked a little bit. Anyway, I’m posting it in the hope that one of you would be willing to test it out and independently confirm the steps work. Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ed.: Updated to draft version 1.2.


I’ll give it a try, for sure!
Not sure when, unfortunately, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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Where can one find NWN Carrots?

Whoops, sorry: right here.

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@rjshae @kamal (and many others, sorry about not naming everyone) ave you ever thought about doing a CEP for nwn2? I think there would be a lot of advantage to that.

It’s been discussed. I think the community is just too small. But Kamal and PJ156 have done a lot of work in building collected packages, such as tilesets, creatures, and placeables.

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I’ll give your tutorial a try (hopefully) later this week. Would be great to get access to the assets of NWN for NWN2.

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Agreed. I particularly need a port of the cockatrice model for HotU, but there’s a bunch of others that would be nice additions.

Hmm, I’m having an issue getting the Penguin to appear in the toolset. Not sure what’s wrong.

@rjshae already mentioned, we have essentially complete packages for tilesets and creatures, packs have every released tileset/creature (barring a few regular animal overrides from Rashi that could be made their own appearance). The placeables pack was complete at it’s last update. It doesn’t have things released since it’s last update of course, and rjshae has no doubt created some custom stuff of his own for his projects that isn’t in there yet, as I have.


Assuming the appearance.2da file is correct:

  • does the skeleton name match (spelling?) the gr2 file?
  • does the body (mesh) match the mdb file? (spelling?)
  • also, did you try with a different scale (like 0.01,0.01,0.01 or 100,100,100)? It happened to me several times that the exported skeleton was too small or too big.

I tried to port it, but it’s way too simple for NWN2. I started working on a brand new model for it, but got side-tracked…

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Yep; yep; that had no effect that I could see. It is showing up in the Area Contents list when I deploy it. I don’t see a bounding box though, and there’s nothing in the Preview window.

My appearance.2da entry:

1327 Penguin **** 0 0 1 1 1 0 c_penguin c_penguin **** **** c_penguin_skel c_penguin_skel 1 **** 0 0 Penguin c_penguin **** 1 S 1 1 1 1 1 SLOW 0.7 1.5 0.2 0.2 1 0.2 1.6 L 0 2 1 1 po_a_penguin 1 9 -1 5 0 60 30 Penguin_head 3 1 1 **** ***

The model name is ‘c_penguin’; the skeleton is ‘c_penguin_skel’.

Thanks. It’s not a problem; I understand you’re busy. :slightly_smiling_face: But in this case I only need it for one encounter, so a simple model will do. There’s others I’d like to port as well, so I’m motivated to get this working.

Well, something you could check too is whether the normals go outside of the mesh (I mean, are the faces inverted?)

If that’s ok, you could also send me the files, I’d check with 3ds max what the mdb and gr2 give, although everything seems correct from MDBConfig.
The absence of the green cube is not a good sign though.

Ok then, let me find the files and I’ll send them to you.

No I already checked the normals and they looked fine. Besides, in that case I should see the inner surface.

Here’s the model:

Perhaps you might spot something I missed? Thanks.

You need to add _cl_body01 at the end of the model (both in the mdb file name and in the mesh name). So, in blender you have to rename c_penguin to c_penguin_cl_body01 and export the model to c_penguin_cl_body01.mdb
This “_cl_body01” part doesn’t show in appearance.2da because it’s automatically added by the engine (hard-coded I guess).

That’s because you don’t have any collision sphere (COLS00) attached to the skeleton and saved with the mdb.

Also, I had to add the skeleton to the model: it looked like it wasn’t rigged at all.

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Well that’s odd then because it was exported rigged and with COLS. When I import it back in via nw2fbx, it is both rigged and has COLS. Maybe it’s a GMax naming thing?