Screenshots are 0 Byte Files

I am attempting to take some screenshots for a module I wish to upload, however Neverwinter refuses to take screenshots and leaves me a 0 byte file in screenshots folder instead, does anyone have a solution to this?

I have no problems at all with my screenshots. Sorry, can’t duplicate your problem. I’m running EE on Win7 64bit with an nVidia card.

Well, if you’re wondering about mine, it’s diamond edition, win 10 64bit with a radeon rx 550

Works fine for me on Diamond Edition as well. Have you verified in the NWN controls that you’re pressing the correct key? Maybe the print screen command got mapped to something else? Honestly, I’m grasping at straws here.

Nevermind, I’ve worked it out
Where I’d used a dash in the name of my module’s file, in the actual module properties, I had used a colon which is an illegal character in filenames, when making a screenshot it names the files (ModuleName)-(ScreenshotNumber) but because of the colon, the filename stops halfway through and the screenshot tries to save to a file that could never computer-legally exist, giving me a blank file that stops mid-way through what it should’ve been called
None-the-less, thanks for the assistance

EDIT: Just to really rub it in, the screenshot only uses the first twenty characters of the module name, it doesn’t use any of the characters after the colon - the twentieth character, defeated by the very last character

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