Script for familiar possession anyone?

:frowning: I would use it in multiplayer…and no I don’t use NWNX :frowning:

I have a hard time accepting that there are scripts used currently in NWN:EE that allow familiars to be possessed YET those can’t be replicated as a spell…logically one should be able to use the same scripts you’d think to create a sort of familiar temporarily as a spell.

I know that there is a familiar 2da (called hen.familiar.2da)…wouldn’t replicating a similar 2da called say: “WizardEye.2da” and then have a spell access that 2da work?

The game familiar possession is hardcoded.

I thought that NWN:EE took away a lot of the hard coding :frowning:

I mean sure but…not this? AFAIK the familiar possession is very specifically coded and a complete spaghetti code mess (like DM possession which is even worse) so it’s unlikely to be easy to have in the game available for other uses.

Do you think this might be a way to trick/ emulate a familiar?

What about a normal summon creature script that calls on one of the current familiars resref so when summoned it has invisibility on it and all the associated familiar scripts. Closest thing one could do to simulate a wizard eye. If even possible have the script polymorph the familiar into a flying eye model? Just thinking out loud.

The hardcoded functionality of possession is linked to the summoning of a familiar only, which is also mostly hardcoded (you can only alter the resrefs in the 2da really).

The preview patch has camera attachments which probably will be enough to do a “Wizard eye” style summon.

What preview patch? Is there a new NWN:EE patch coming up soon?

LOL…I am a diehard fan of NWN:EE…don’t even own NWN 2. I played it once at my buddies…when it was first released…so many bugs…I’m sure it is much better…but I enjoy NWN:EE because I have had it for years and know the toolset well.

I am looking for a script that would allow a PC to possess a creature you summon like a wizard does with his familiar.

I’ve recently developed something like this. As the NWN-Lexicon states, the summon-effect needs to be run in the context of a PC.

So the first script is triggered by an item with special power used on self (Could use the “point to somewhere”-variant too):

void main()
  int nEvent = GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF, "X2_L_LAST_ITEM_EVENT");
  if (nEvent != 0) return;

  object oPC = GetItemActivator();
  ExecuteScript ("yy_summon_db", oPC);

It calls a second one “yy_summon_db”, which creates a invisible creature with a BIG sword (the Dancing Blade).

void main()
  location l = GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF);
  int d = 10;
  effect e = EffectSummonCreature("dancingblade", VFX_FNF_SUMMON_MONSTER_1);
  ApplyEffectAtLocation(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, e, l, TurnsToSeconds(d));

The attributes of the summoned creature are completely under my control, it might be any creature on the roster. So the on spawn script has some “SetAssociateState”-statements etc. and the blade is of course a Hackmaster +12 :smiley:

Now I’m looking for a script to “summon” a exact copy of the PC (a clone) as familiar :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Developed and tested with 1.69)

That script you posted is extremely similar to the one I posted in one of my posts above:

Maybe your first script is what is making it work better in this context?

That it had. Still is a bit buggy. Was also (at least I thought so) quite ugly compared to NWN1 back in the day, but now with all the new faces, animations and outfits/armors available it looks really nice (and far better than NWN1 IMHO). That’s what made me go with NWN2 for my first module, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I never saw the point with NWN EE. Sure, apparently they have improved upon NWN1 but I hear that NWN EE has plenty of bugs too. Almost sounds like NWN2 in those regards. That’s why I never bothered buying NWN EE. I felt that I had already played tons upon tons of modules for that game and was done with it at that point.

Sorry, enough rambling. @Imtherealthing - I hope you get this familiar possession sorted out.

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That is correct, there is nothing wrong with your script. Calling it in the context of the PC does the trick. Add

SendMessageToPC (GetName(OBJECT_SELF), GetFirstPC());

to the scripting to see the effect.

Out of curiosity I tried your scripts @Mmat but they didn’t work in NWN2. Even when I removed the variable X2_L_LAST_ITEM_EVENT from the item, it wouldn’t spawn. Using my own script as the second script made it work sort of…but then the familiar again wasn’t controllable by the PC. Ah, well, since I have a working version of this for NWN2 anyway, I’ll leave it to you to continue to help @Imtherealthing since your method might very well work with NWN1 (I mean, you said you tested it, so it should work).

So do you have a script Mmat that works? If so, could I have it please so I can create that “Wizard Eye” Spell to release to the vault…credit going to you…and some credit to you too andgalf for your help too in brainstorming this also.

Thanks guys for all this :wink:

I plan to use “The Flying Eye” mdl for the eye…if someone ciould take the wings off the mdl…it would be a perfect mdl for this spell too.

Lol…NP…I so appreciate you andgalf for your input in all this :slight_smile:

andgalf, you should create this spell for NWN2…since it works in NWN2. …call it Arcane Eye as per 3rd ed.

There is a Wizard Eye spell contribution by Mik Drad for NWN2, but it is hard to find because the project title is:

Teleport Spells

Well there you go…lol…nice you guys have it in NWN2 :slight_smile: