Script hidden - Dialogue Question

If I have a character that I make script hidden in the middle of a dialogue, will that still work if that character is the owner of the dialogue, or will the game crash or cause other serious bugs?

It will cut the dialog.

Use an ipoint to hold the conversation. And don’t forget to assign the tag of the speaker at each line.

Hmm, I actually tested it with the script hidden thing and it didn’t seem to cut the dialogue. But maybe I should be careful and be on the safe side using an ipoint.

Confirmed. If the owner of the convo is set to hidden midway through the convo, the convo will continue normally.
Additionally, if a hidden character is set as a speaker for a node in a convo owned by different character, the hidden character will still speak in the convo.
Additionally, a new convo owned by a hidden character cannot be started unless its ‘Disable AI While Hidden’ flag is FALSE.


Damn it ! That was the perfect job for one of my tiny kobolds !


LOL! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I tried not to long ago to use an hidden creature as “listener” in order to have an NPC always face a direction during a conversation.

It didn’t work at all what ever way I used. But it works fine with an IPOINT.

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Shallina… That’s weird because I get the opposite outcome. If I don’t set speaker and listener on a “kobold conversation” whoever’s talking faces the kobold and that’s bad because they’re secret and it could give away their position.

This might be because my kobolds own the conversations and the speak triggers.