Script to make specific AB and AC for encounters

Is there a script out there to make AB and AC a specific number no matter what build and feats and other things like items . I want to make it easier to make encounters for specific level encounters . The server I run has characters all the way up to max level of 2050 and it is very difficult to make encounters a challenge at extremely high levels.

Not sure, but you can make one.
Decide what AC/AB you want enemies to have based on their level.
Have the script that spawns them check their AC/AB against the AC/AB you want them to have and then make the script modify those stats appropriately.

Ok thanks I will look into how to do this

I seem to recall reading about caps to AB and AC modifers. I’m not sure about that and how it interacts with scripted AB and AC. Hopefully someone else can help you there.

Since PC classes progress at 1 BA per level for fighters, 1 BA per 2 levels for arcane casters and 3 BA per 4 levels for everyone else I’d suggest scaling AC bonuses the same way; tank enemies get +1 AC/level, arcane caster enemies get +1 AC/2levels and other enemies get +3 AC/4 levels.