Script to make specific AB and AC for encounters

Is there a script out there to make AB and AC a specific number no matter what build and feats and other things like items . I want to make it easier to make encounters for specific level encounters . The server I run has characters all the way up to max level of 2050 and it is very difficult to make encounters a challenge at extremely high levels.

Not sure, but you can make one.
Decide what AC/AB you want enemies to have based on their level.
Have the script that spawns them check their AC/AB against the AC/AB you want them to have and then make the script modify those stats appropriately.

Ok thanks I will look into how to do this

I seem to recall reading about caps to AB and AC modifers. I’m not sure about that and how it interacts with scripted AB and AC. Hopefully someone else can help you there.

Since PC classes progress at 1 BA per level for fighters, 1 BA per 2 levels for arcane casters and 3 BA per 4 levels for everyone else I’d suggest scaling AC bonuses the same way; tank enemies get +1 AC/level, arcane caster enemies get +1 AC/2levels and other enemies get +3 AC/4 levels.

Thanks for your advice , it would be nice if you could just set ab and ac on encounters , I have extremely high level areas I deal with level 1500 plus and players have AC’s of 160 and AB rolls over as well so its hard to judge without play testing every encounter in the area to different characters.

Is this Enhanced Edition or the old one?

This is NWN 1 . My server is Aventia 4 we have some very high level areas now …for 1500 plus level characters its very hard to make encounters a challenge for such high level characters …we have one character that is max level at level 2050.

You could consider moving to NWN1:EE, it has functions and features that allow to change the attack bonus and ac bonus caps if I recall correctly and would probably make fixing your problem easier, however I can also understand that forking up cash for a minimal upgrade (it’s not that much of an “enhanced” edition…) may piss off both players and devs alike.

That said, in a level 1000+ environment, I don’t think that worrying about AC and AB is the right way to go anymore, those are mechanics for low levels (just think of the BAB difference of a medium vs high class, that’s 250 AB which means that you will either have enemies that high BAB classes will always hit, or enemies that non-high BAB classes will never hit), if your characters are too strong, just add resistances, immunities and regeneration to enemies, those mechanics scale much better than AC and AB (and saves too) when numbers become that high, they also apply universally (they affect spells too), instead of being tied to physical attacks only.

Yeah I could do more with regen and immunities . At this high level I have had to continue to tweak encounters because of different PC builds . It’s a learning experience for sure. I want to get my server on EE , I don’t have the expertise to do it , I had someone working on it and after weeks of working on it he had family issues as well as frustration with the complex changes this server has and gave up . This server would become a favorite for sure on steam it being able to get players to level 2050 .