Scripter wanted: Help with several systems

Hello everyone!
Since I am working on my PW solo for most of it (naturally there has been a lot of people helping me left and right) I notice I have hit a wall when it comes to my scripting capabilities.

There are some things I would like to see done and/or changed and I would massively appreciate a scripter’s help for that matter with several issues like for example the horse system that I wish to alter/fix/update as well as the subrace engine that I am using that is creating issues for the module. Along with some other issues that.

So if anyone wants to help I would very much appreciate it. <3

I don’t want to offend you, but did you thought this through well? There are dozens of peoples like you who build new PW and for what?

Why don’t you join some existing PW team instead of struggling making whole PW alone?

I can tell you from my experiences that you won’t succeed doing good PW alone. Your PW will most likely become just another 0-1 players online PW in already huge list of PWs.

Please rethink whether:

  • there isn’t already a PW that offers what you want to offer
  • if not, if there is at least something close to it - often if you become part of the dev team you can change stuff for your liking if the leader accepts your ideas (I know I do…)
  • even if there is nothing close to what you want to do, try to ask yourself why is that, maybe the concept isn’t going to work at all?
  • even if you think the concept is not a problem, do you really think you can create whole PW just by yourself, especially when you lack in probably the most important area of expertise? (I know I couldn’t…)

Honestly, if everyone wouldn’t be like “duh I am gonna make my own PW because I want it to be mine”, we all would have profit. But it is how it is and everybody is trying to find a scripter, area-designer, art maker and all of them are making their own PW thus not working with and helping others because they are each other competition or because they spend all their limited time on their PW creation.

Making a successful PW does not only require a great idea or finding the gap on the “market”, but awful lot of time and person’s absolute dedication. Are you sure you have what it takes? I’ve helped so many guys already and they all quit in a middle of that process or when they didn’t get the attention from players, that they expected. Please don’t be like them.

Also, typically if you want to get help, then it is good idea to specify what is your PW about - most peoples are not going to help you with something they would never played at. Well I mean the help of the extent you ask for, there are many good peoples in NWN community which will help you with directions of how to do it, or to fix your script when it is not working.

Either way, I am willing to trade scripting for 2D art (item icons) and custom visual effects. If there is anyone who can and is willing to make such content and does not see my PW (Arkhalia) as a competition.


yeah i see most of everyone as competition myself so makin something as unique as possible is what will help stand yours out from the rest.

Most notably i noticed you decided to use the exact same check off markers and paragraph grammar as i did when i started my pw ( Dragonblood NWN PW server (EE) , vs mine Steampunk Gameworld Developement, Realm of Midland ) . it isnt a big deal to me but your entire sentencing structure and grammar is almost too identical to mine right down to the bold letters and exact wording which i find rather odd.

it was something i noticed, and trying to copy off someone else’s work can get you into alot of trouble even in our small community.

with that said though its not that no one will offer help but you’ll definitely have to expand abit on what youre after. i usualy get help on some pretty complex scripting but only after ive shown and told everyone what it is im doing as best i can. If youre ever stuck on something im sure someone here can help out.

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I will react to this first and I will say that I feel kinda hurt by these words. Yes I have thought this through. Maybe I should have added more info about the world but still I do not feel like this lecture is required. It could have been worded differently. When I read this I feel like I am being lectured and that does not feel very good.

But initially I am just looking for someone to help em fix the problems I am running into.

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Okay I will address this also as I hate the feeling of you feeling like I ripped off your text. I do apologize that you feel that way. I know it means very little probably but I did not. I have several version of it and this one I just liked the most.

I personally do not see people or servers as competition. To me this is all a game and this PW is for me and people to have fun. So again I apologize again if you feel I ripped your text off but I did not and our worlds are MIGHTY different also so we do not have the same target audience imo.

But thank you I will be creating some more additional information about some of the issues. Honestly was just hoping that people would ask “Hey I read this can you tell me a bit more?” That is usually my experience when I post stuff like this but apparently there is a different feel here.

First off …

ignore Shadooow. If he didn’t really want to offend you, he wouldn’t have started out by discouraging you.

If you want to create a PW, then by all means … go for it. Just know that you cannot please everyone or even most at times. Build it for your own enjoyment and hope others find your work appealing and that they wish to join in.


thank you, this feels very encouraging. It means a lot to me to hear this :slight_smile:

That is what I am doing with my PW anyway, it is a story I like to get told and there are already people interested in playing it. There are just a few things I get stuck on scripting wise as I am not so good a scripter.

I am not much of a scripter at all, I only know the basics, and I’m working with NWN2, but if there are specific script problems you want help with, maybe you could post them here and I’ll at least try and help. I get so much help all of the time from the community, people have mostly been very kind, so I’d like to give back if I can and I’m able.


This! This is what most of our community is about.

You may or may not find someone to meet all of your scripting needs, but finding piecemeal assistance with individual fixes is usually possible.

Myself, I’m hip deep in converting my own PW over to EE from 1.69 and by “converting” I mean I’m pretty much remaking it from scratch to better take advantage of EE options. So my own time is very limited for the next six months or so.

If you are developing a module under 1.69, I’d advise switching it over to EE sooner rather than later as you’ll have a larger pool of prospective players and help with it as days go on.

Good luck.


alright now all the above is out of the way I would solely like to focus on my scripting issues.

In my PW I m using a subrace engine called Shayan. It is an OLD system, this I know, but I always loved the use of the Shayan subrace engine.

The problem that I am experiencing with it is that it seems to conflict with the horse scripts due to the PC properties.

When a PC mounts a horse their PC properties change/disappear/Get lost/something happends. Basically the appearance of the PC sitting on the horse has become permanent.

I got the marvelous tip of Pstemarie to use the Krit update in the Hakpak but it seems not to be effected in the EE PW that I am building. Basically I am walking into a brick wall and would really appreciate some help with this. If anyone is willing to take a look or know how to resolve this that would be very much appreciated.

That one is something I find the hardest to fix and would really like to see resolved. So I would appreciate any help people are willing to offer.

Everything I know is here:

I don’t have any experience with PW. I’ve heard there are issues with TheKrit’s solution - others may know better.

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Maybe its just a 2da issue. If mounted, a different 3d-Model “Phenotype” is selected. Look at Prolerics guide, find Meruppi and you’ll see what I mean.

EE has newer 2DA and they might not work well with your subrace engine.

Have you considered using ORSv5?

It has a subrace engine and a horse system combined already.

There used to be a “fix” to make ORSv4 and Shayans work together, but I can’t find either on the vault any more.

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This is actually great! Thank you!

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