Scripting Help. Dead corpses and spell remembering

Hi all,

First of all thanks in advance for reading these lines.

We are going to enable our old Anphilia server but we found some issues in testing.

  • When a player disconnect to the server and then he connect to the server again. All his spells are enable again? Is there a way to handle this behaviour? Is it possible to remember the spells for each PC when they disconnect?

-When a NPC is dead, he drops a bag with items, but people usually does not take them and the bag is there permanently. Is there a way to disable the bag dropping once the corpse fades?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. :slight_smile:

Found this thread on the creature remains topic for you. Not exactly what you were asking about, but it seems to have several working ways to get rid of the bag clutter.

Far as the spells go… there’s GetHasSpell, for checking how many “charges” of a specific spell someone currently has. I don’t think there’s a corresponding SetHasSpell, though, so that’s not super useful by itself. ::headscratch:: hm.