Scripting help, please. NWN1

So I have been looking on the forums for a little while for some scripts but I have been unable to find what I am looking for and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to assist in finding, or writing some scripts for me. Also have no idea where most of them should be placed.

About 12 years ago, I ran a server. DLed mod. This time around, I want to make my own creation.

Heal 1 HP ever game hour.

Entry gear wipe and gold set and grant 1 level if level 1.

Item stipper for anything missing the “_SLI” in its item tag. (If that can be done)
Tag: plate_armor (Stripped)
Tag: plate_armor_sli (Remains)

Respawning monsters for a zone in random locations.
Despawning monsters when zone is void of players.

Respawning nodes after destruction. (Trees, rocks, etc)
Despawning nodes when zone is void of players.

Addtional exp per damage. (< or = to monsters MAX HP) 1=1

Random gold drop for humanoid creatures. 20% chance at 1d4/level

HP bleedout/recovery for players (10% recovery with + 1 per Heal Skill mod)
Level 1 Player with 0 Heal Skill has 10% chance to recover.
Level 1 Player with 4 (skill) has 14% chance to recover.
Tick every 5 sec, once recover starts, its locked to recovery.

Player respawn ports to WP with exp taken to bottom of current level and 25% gold loss.
Level 2 player at 2900 exp drops to 1001exp. No deleveling.
No loss on raise dead spell/scroll.

Hm, some of those are pretty simple, but can be done in different ways depending on how complex you want it to be. Do you have Lilac Soul’s script generator? That might be a good place to start.


OMG there is a generator?! Where can I find it?


Pulls head from ass and uses google



I would also recommend always having the Lexicon handy, it’s around here some where. There’s an online and an offline version. I’ve never tried running my own server before, so I have no idea how difficult that is. I do know that it took me a lot of playing around before I got comfortable scripting.

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Going to tinker around with generator and see if I can hodge-podge what I need. If I cannot get the desired effects I will be sure to post again in here for extra help.

Thank you for putting the wheel in the right direction for me!

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There are actually 2 versions of the lexicon. The downloadable one and the online one. Re. script generator - It’s actually quite a good learning tool as well. Further there is an alternative that is an advanced replacement for the Plot Wizard made by members of the staff at the University of Alberta called Scriptease. This is really only of use for single player mods though.


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For other links you really ought to browse this thread that was pinned… Remember to bookmark it.


Omg, I looked through that list again, and noticed this:

This would have saved me so much time if I had found it 10 years ago!