Scripting problem with Arcane Trickster

I’m trying to add an Arcane Trickster companion with 3 levels of Wizard, 3 Levels of Rogue, and 7 levels of Arcane Trickster. I’m able to do this with code like following:

object oCharacter = GetObjectByTag("x2_arcane_trickster");
if (GetIsObjectValid(oCharacter)) {
	ResetCreatureLevelForXP(oCharacter, 0, 0);
	int i;
	SetLevelUpPackage(oCharacter, PACKAGE_WIZARDGENERALIST);
	for (i=1; i < 3; i++)
	SetLevelUpPackage(oCharacter, PACKAGE_ROGUE);
	for (i=3; i < 6; i++)
		LevelUpHenchman(oCharacter, CLASS_TYPE_ROGUE, TRUE, PACKAGE_ROGUE);
	SetLevelUpPackage(oCharacter, 133);
	for (i=6; i < 13; i++)
		LevelUpHenchman(oCharacter, CLASS_TYPE_ARCANETRICKSTER, TRUE, 133);

The resulting character has the correct classes assigned. However, the character does not have the appropriate number of spellcaster levels. It is only able to cast 1st and 2nd level spells.

Does anybody know how to address this? I tried setting the School field to zero on row 133 of packages.2da, but it didn’t help.

Nevermind, I figured it out.

Not enought int ?

Needed Wiz 5; 3rd level arcane spells. D’oh.

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I have those moments too. Tried desperately recently to get an NPC to wear a certain armor. Worked fine in toolset. would not show up in game. Drove myself nuts for a few days trying to figure what I’d done wrong - scripts, appearance.2da, triple checking all the mdb and texture files - anything I could think of. Then I realized the NPC did not have proficiency for Medium Armor and it was being unequipped on spawn…