Sean Maxhell Arena Advertising

I’m not the type who usually does these things (advertising), but then I said to myself: why not?

Several months ago I posted a module here on neverwinter vault: Sean Maxhell Arena

It is a single player module of an arena, with 36 selectable characters built by me.

Everything you need to know is written on the description page:

I write this post, not only to advertise it, but above all to receive opinions from those who have tried it, and maybe discuss changes and improvements.


I will try your Arena module as soon as I finish the module I’m currently playing. Thank you for the contribution to the Vault new modules are always welcomed by me. I will give you a honest opinion.



Not a problem, we actually have a promo area here but so long as people see it, not a big deal. More is better.


This module of mine is being downloaded often these days.
Too bad that no one leaves his opinion.


It’s a common problem. Very few ever do unless they run into a problem.

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Yeah, I understand. They are just having too much fun to come back and leave opinions.

Unfortunately Sean those who do comment are usually the same people. If you look at other mods you will tend to see the same people over and over like GCoyote and myself. I have your mod downloaded I just haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.

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Nothing wrong with advertising. As Greenman said, there is only a couple few who comment. I am not one of them although I frequently check new releases. I don’t know why I don’t do it when I think about it, Probably time to start.

Another place to advertise is the GoG Forums. It’s at least semi-active.


Take a look!
I’ve updated my arena design with a few ideas suggested in the comments.
Maybe let me know what you think!

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Question Sean, are there any specific level limits on the lowest or highest character the mod will support? I’m adding your mod to my list of playable content and want to have the details right.

This module can be played in multiple ways: campaign style, starting from the first level and leveling up by winning the arenas, or starting from any level you want and playing the arenas from that level onwards.
Right now I’m adding a new mode, always single player, “dota” style, playable only at level 30.

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Thanks Sean. I will update the data in the next version.

Good luck with your project!

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I don’t understand, is this list of yours public? What is it for? New version? What is the old one?

All playable content, updated once or twice a year as new material becomes available.

And now the “Fight the Horde” mode is ready and downloadable!

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