Selectively modding fixes

So I have the NWN2_Plot_Fixes mod, and I’m picking which parts of it to include, but I’m occasionally having trouble telling which files include the thing I want. Does anybody have familiarity with the scripts/files or know how to contact the creator?

I tried doing what you want to do. It was a disaster. I found out that if you don’t have everything it causes the game to have problems which means the game can not be finished. Some things don’t spawn or dialog does not appear. I don’t want to spoil things so I don’t want to be specific. Either play it with everything or avoid it.

I’d rather play with nothing than everything, because the modder made so many changes I disapprove of. And I was told by another modder that I could choose what to take out of this mod and put into the game. I don’t know what it was you did, but I feel like it wasn’t the same mod, because this one gets put into the Override folder, and I’m pretty sure whatever goes there doesn’t significantly affect the game to the point of breaking.

But what do I know, I’m no modder. Regardless, I’m gonna try and see how it works. Worst case scenario, I delete everything in the Override folder and reinstall all my other mods from scratch. Speaking of, does it matter if I put lone text files in their own folder in there, or do they functionally as normally as when they’re outside a folder and in the surface of the Override folder?

stuff in /Override can break modules/campaigns, even crash the game (rarely).

here’s how the /Override works, briefly

When Nwn2 loads, first it loads the stock resources
then the module resources
then the campaign resources
then the override resources
finally any .hak resources

Any resource found with the same filename as a previous resource gets priority.

textfiles (etc) function normally in /Override

ps. There should be no duplicate filenames in the /Override hierarchy (as a matter of policy). there are 3rd party apps that can check that … google “duplicate file checker” if interested

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I used the same one you are asking about. I removed all the stuff that was the author’s preference and only kept the fixes. You will find the quest broken in the druid grove, Neeshka’s quest, Lelden? not appearing, and others not working. There are also 2 game ending problems. Lorne dies with no dialog and the same for the orc in Old Owl Well. These are game ending bugs introduced. I would love to only have the fixes but that is not possible. You should also know that if you started the game with it installed and remove the fixes you will still have the game ending problems even in another act. I had to restart 3 times. One time I had the fixes in the prolog and removed them after and I encountered the things listed above.

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Well I’ve run a test, and either you’re wrong , this mod’s contents are safe, I didn’t put in the game-breaking parts yet, or I didn’t come to the instance in the game where it would break, because my test came positive, and the instance used some of the lone text files.

I’ll need to see for myself before I could believe.

Either you can’t read what others are writing to you.

Your passage:

KevL’s answer:

Can POTENTIALLY break if you mess up with that stuff. It doesn’t mean it will break necessarily.

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Okay, but you said “potentially”. He didn’t. 'Sides, either you only read that one and then immediately wrote your reply or you’re trying to bait me.

Or you’re just an idiot.

I’m opting for the first one.

I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Kindly keep this civil. Insulting people who are trying to help you will eventually lead to you being ignored or potentially could get you banned from this site. Remember that those people telling you that it could break the game are doing so from experience. If you choose to ignore what you are being told, that is your problem, not theirs. And no I (as a moderator) am not trying to bait you.



I will NEVER help anyone again. I was just trying to help you out and all you can do is call me a liar and be rude. I hope you waste many hours and find your game is stuck. I would say more but I would just get banned.

No worries Dwayne; most people here are nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.