Selectively modding

So I’m at Riverguard Keep and I’m right where I meet Ribsmasher. Now I have the OC Makeover Mod and while I prefer playing the game without it, I’d like to add a couple things from it into the game, like allowing us to have Ribsmasher in the party and get all the Nasher items. I just tried adding a couple of files with “Ribsmasher” and “Nash_[Item name]” in the name into the campaign folder and I tested it out. I got the dialogue to invite Ribsmasher into the party but he’s not added into the roster, instead existing as a neutral NPC. So I’ve done it halfway. Anybody know how I can complete the second half?

I don’t recommend pulling pieces of the Makeover out like you are doing and I can’t offer you any support.

That said, the conversation that adds Ribsmasher would execute certain scripts. You will need to examine that conversation and copy those scripts as well into your campaign folder before executing the conversation.

I just examined the file I copy-pasted and… let’s just say it’s unreadable. That’s why I’m here - to know what scripts in the mod to copy-paste to make it work. I doubt it and the Nasher items parts would cause too much trouble, since they’re rather too minor to the overall gameplay. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.

The Nasher Set fix was created to be compatible with both unmodded OC campaign and the Makeover. It is available here:

So it may work.

The Ribsmasher changes were not designed to be removed from the Makeover. You will need to use the toolset to open the conversations that I modified and identify the scripts that they execute. The Toolset Guide should be able to instruct you as to how to read conversation lines. If you copy the scripts and conversation over into the OC campaign folder and try it then it may work. I never tested it this way and didn’t design it with this in mind though, so it may not. Good luck with it.

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Well at least we’ve got one half down. Thanks.